Stargate: Atlantis S3 commentary

Season 3 of SGA is simaltaniously the best season of the series to date and one of it's weakest. Granted, a small part of that may be because my father's leave meant that I wasn't able to sit at home and watch all 20 episodes in 2 days or less, but there's still something to it.

Granted, the special effects of this season are amazing. And the storylines. The whole wrap-up to the short-lived Wraith alliance in "No Man's Land" was pure genius, but the fact that they decide to undertake "human" experiments again in "Misbegotten" was somewhat painful - especially when you consider how well it worked last time, and the fact that Carson was so dead set against it in season 1.

But the problem is that "Irresistable" and "Irresponsible," while hillarious, did very little for the actual story arc. "Sateda" and "Phantoms" give us much needed background information on the charectors (and the fact that they waited 2.5 seasons to tell us what Sheppard's black mark was about is amazing restraint in these sorts of shows), but, again, do very little for the actual arc. Ditto "Echoes" (and, really, solar flares every 15k years? That is so like the massive storm that comes every 20 years from season 1 that it's almost embaressing - though, again, pretty cool. In fact, "The Tao of Rodeny," "The Game," and "Submersion" are dittos of the same - cool, but hardly plotty.

As well, it's almost like the Wraith are forgotten in this season. Sure, most of them don't realize that Atlantis is still around, but it makes the appearance of the Pegasus nano-replicators in "Progeny" seem a little too much like here's-our-new-enemy-guys than the amazing it was when the orginal replicators showed up in SG1. (And part two of that episode, "The Real World," felt a little too much like a rip-off of Buffy's "Normal Again".) It's almost as if they're only there to have a baddie for "The Return" and "First Strike" and makes them feel cheap somehow. Though, god, part two of "The Return" was pretty amazingly amazing.

And "Sunday".... I loved how it was told, I loved the story, and just cried for Carson... and don't even get me started on "Common Grounds." That was just, wow.

But the thing is, for all the coolness in this season, you've got to admit there was something off about it. Granted, "Sateda" and "The Ark" are the only real duds, but there was something about the episodes that just made you forget that, hey, we've still the Wraith to deal with, and Michael. Something that made you think that it was a little too neat how all the Lanteans died in "The Return." Something that makes you think that Weir's sudden desire to resign in "First Strike" is totally at odds with her actions in part one of "The Return" (though, flying city? AMAZING!). Something that makes you think the whole first strike in "First Strike" is so at odds with everything that I was sure for nearly all the episode that it was really a Replicator version of the Apollo that wanted another faction of Replicators on the planet taken out for them by the humans. Something just... off if you think too hard about it.

On that note, though, I really did love the season, despite my difficulties watching all of it, brought on by dad and school. And my sudden compulsion to read anything McKay/Sheppard - because, though I think that there's really nothing more to their relationship than serious best-friend-ness, if you look through the right coloured glasses.... In fact, I'm mildly disturbed that society apparently feels no one, not two men, not two women, not a man and a woman, can be that close of friends without there being something sexual about it. But, hey, I'm as guilty as anyone, and some of the fic is really good.... That being said, I can't see either of them in a relationship with anyone else, so, whatever. I'm happy the world is over it's fear of homosexuality enough that McKay/Sheppard seems to be one of the largest (if not the largest) ships in the fandom.

What else? Besides the lingering question of why Michael is the only Wraith with an accent (and the new one of, was he the Wraith version of McKay before), there's really not much. Though I must admit I'm looking forward to Carter in season 4. I love the dynamics of the current SGA, but Carter... she's pretty amazing. Oh, and I've an idea for a nice long rant compairing Weir and Janeway, but, other than that, that's about it.

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