An SGA Fic Rec

Okay, this story is totally 5+ years old, but I'm only just now getting into the whole SGA thing, so forgive me. It's absolutely the most hillarious (and well-written, and amazing) McKay/Shephard I've ever read, and gets the place as the first SGA on my fic rec list:

And, yes, it's basically another repeal-of-don't-ask,-don't-tell story, but it takes the idea in a whole 'nother direction and charecterizes everyone just so perfectly... and, yes, the little bit about the SGC having very specific rules about the legality of offworld marriages just makes it all that better. As does the fact that Rodney and Elizabeth gossip. Because how can you not laugh at that?

Anyway, if you're into the whole McKay/Sheppard ship, it's worth a read. And definately made my 5+ hours at a computer working on my capstone project that much better.
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