There must be something wrong with me

I went to the movies again today (was kicked out of the house til 12:30 today; saw The Hangover 2 again) and decided to hit the concessions stand. I came away with two thoughts:
  1. Why is it called concessions? Are they conceding to the fact people need to eat or what?
  2. Why, when I ask for a small popcorn and medium coke, am I told that it's $1.50 cheaper to get a combo of a large popcorn and large drink? I get that 'cause it's a special its cheaper... but the fact remains that that particular special is always going on. How is it more economical to sell more drink and more popcorn for less money? Does the theater get a kickback for volume of popped corn sold or something? And how do they expect 1 person to eat a small bag of popcorn, let alone a large one, by herself?

Answers to either would be appreciated.
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