Long Dark Tea-Time Of the Soul

Or, random thoughts for a Sunday afternoon:
  1. Whose brilliant idea was it to make blue candy "blue rasberry" flavoured. Honestly, a sour rasberry? A blue sour rasberry? Why not blueberry? Or, idk, something that's actually blue?
  2. Peach + Apricot + Pinapple + (Red) Rasberry = best drink ever.
  3. An overwhelming amount of SGA fics (or, at least, the McKay/Shephard fics I've read so far) seem to be centred around the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." I'm all for the repeal, but not so much for the plot device. Creativity please, people.
  4. Nealry all of SG1 fics (or, at least, the Sam/Jack ones I've read so far) seem to believe the pair is perfect and therefore waited perfectly until post-"Threads" - when Sam had been moved to Area 51 and was therefore out of Jack's command - before begining a relationship. I'm down with those fics but, really people, how many times has SG1 broken the rules and/or risked courtmarshall? Would it be too much to ask for a fic that acknowledged this and had them carrying on an affair, say, from Season 4 onwards? Just a single, well-written, and preferably lengthy fic?
  5. It is a physical imbossiblity for my father and I to be in the same room with each other and/or have a conversation with each other lasting more than 10 minutes without getting into an arguement of some kind.
  6. I have finally learned the real story of how my parents met. Not overly different from the one I've always been told, but somewhat disapointing. My brother and I had been working up conspiracy stories that they were in Witness Protection or something since we knew so little of them before they became our parents (well, obviously, but there've been remarkably few pre-parental stories of their lives).
  7. My computer sucks for watching Netflix on. I want dad's leave to end so I can go back to watching in on my brother's X-box in peace.
  8. I have listened to the Eastern Conferance Champion's new CD, Speak-ahh at least 10x today. "Hell or High Water" is my inpiration for what little I've been able to work on of FINAO.
  9. I have a remarkably dull life, even wherein drama is concerned.

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