The Hangover Part II commentary

So, Dad kicked me out of the house again today, 'til 2 at least, and so I did a lot of reading (almost done with House of Suns, though I'm starting to notice Alistair Reynolds has something of a semi-malevolent machine leitmotif in most his works) and wandering about, but I also ended up seeing The Hangover Part II. It's not something I'd normally watch on my own (usually I end up going to those sorts of movies with my brother), but it was either that or Pirates IV, so... Yeah.

What can I say? It was good. Hillariously funny. Not something I'd watch more than 3x, probably, and not quite as funny as the first, but... it was good. And that's about all I can say about it. Other than wondering if a monkey could be a drug mule in real life.

I do however have most of the planning done for my capstone project for school - for which, basically, I have to take everything I ever learned about digital media and apply it to three madeup companies: a plant store, a portrait studio, and a company of my own choice, which is going to be a sort of X-Play/Attack of the Show crossover game reveiw website thing. I've pretty much figured out that I'm going to do the movie and otherwise multimedia stuff for the latter, the print stuff for the first, and the pdf stuff for the middle. Have a good idea of the logos and colours and the rest for the latter two, but I'm kinda at a loss for the plant store. It'll come to me, though, and I've 'til the 31st of July to figure it all out...

Oh well. Tired now. It's been a long, long day.

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