Stargate: Atlantis S2 commentary

So, despite the annoyingness of Dad, school, being generally interupted every three seconds, a remote that refuses to work properly, and a cloying headache that's the result of all of the above, I've finished sason 2 of SGA.

And, well, I liked. I loved the end of "The Seige" and "The Intruder" was a wonderful episode, despite the fact that it was such a throwback to SG1's "Entity". "Trinity" was just, God, amazing, and really was a wonderful McKay and Shepherd episode - and I think I've seen enough SGA to know that the series really is about them. Oh, everyone else is important too, and it's far more ensamble than SG1 managed to be (it even has it's own redshirts! even if they don't wear read), but I've a feeling that if either or both were to ever leave the show, it would fall apart much the same way O'Neill's leaving did to SG1.

"Instinct" and "Conversion" were just phenomenal, "Aurora" very interesting, "Critical Mass" quite exciting, and ties us back to the Milky Way nicely with the goa'uld (yes, I finally learned how to spell their name properly); "Grace Under Pressure" was slightly annoying in that it was as much of a throwback to SG1's "Grace" as "The Intruder" was to "Entity," but it was amazing as well, and another excellent Rodney episode, and the fact that he realized right from the getgo what was going on a nice change of pace too.

"Mitchel," despite being one of the lowest rated episodes of the season, I really enjoyed too. Of course, a part of that was my ENT / Conner Trinner fangirl coming out, but mostly I loved the idea... and how it played out. I mean, sure, we may see the Wraith as space vampires (though, honestly, it was such an amazing retelling of the vampire myth that I didn't get the connection until I started reading fanfics for the series), but they like their way of life and don't see the problem with it. The whole we-are-other-species'-farm-animals arguement. Plus, I also find it interesting that Weir had such huge qualms over torture in "Critical Mass" but allows experimention on alien POWs with hardly a blink of an eye.

Speaking of charectors, I loved the development that Weir's took (I was getting tired of the Janeway-ness of her; from the fiance that abandoned her, to leading a mission cut off from Earth, to having a faction under her - the military rather than Maquis in this case - not entirely under her control) this season. McKay is starting to actually, well, realize he's lacking human emotions... and Ford! Ford is just, wow man. Totally taking the whole subtance abuse/vampire mythology in a different direction - and making it particularly interesting because it does have good effects so long as you're taking it, and it's not just another crack/meth/whatever metaphor. Though I did find "The Lost Boys"/"The Hive" episode somewhat tiring at times.

What didn't I like? "Duet" was cute, but pure crack. "Condemened" was just... well, boring. And overdone. "Epiphany" was a good idea, just somewhat, well, "100 days" ish (though what is it with Shephard and Ascended women?). And "The Tower", "The Long Goodbye," and "Coup d'etat" were just... dull.

What else did I like? I'm missing Peter's lovely british accent.... but still loving Zelenka. He like makes the show. He's it's... janis se quais, or however you spell it. I like that they're in contact with Earth fairly constantly... but not enough so that it's like a posting across the country from home.

Anything else? Oh, yes. The opening sequence for this season is by far the coolest of all the SG openers I've seen. I like how the titlecard wooshes witht he tka-woosh. But that's the graphic artist in me coming out....
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