A Rant on RL

Believe me when I say that I've had the day from hell. Granted, I knew my classes were supposed to start today, but not 'til 4... so I thought i had some quality SGA watching time before school. But, no, I get an email at 12 asking why I hadn't shown up to my 10:30 class... and I'm like, what class? Turns out, my advisor emailed me the wrong schedule, and so I ended up having to go down there to fix it way early, and ended up sitting around for like 3 hours waiting for my remaining class to start. Granted, got like 200 pages of House of Suns read, my now I'm (still) hungry and grumpy and all fed up with my father who, yes, I honestly wish would just go back on deployment, and the only good part of my day is that Alelou posted the first chapie of her "Through the Mirror, Darkly" RU-Missing Episode, "Darkness Intruding" today. Well, that, and my lj links are finally working again. Mostly.

Now to watch SGA and try to find reasons why wanting to ship McKay/Shephard doesn't make me crazy.
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