Stargate: The Ark of Truth commentary

So, first things first - this movie was so much better than seasons 9 & 10 that it's frankly embaressing. Hell, it actually made me love the show for the first time since season 6. Even if I'm certain that some of the mountain scenes were taken straight from LotR. That and it utilizes SG1's favourite - flashbacks - just slightly too much for me to be 100% happy.

All that being said, I generally loved the movie. I love the whole concept of it, and the IOA and the replicators - I actually cried out "Oh My God" when that bit came on. And the Tomin and Teal'c conversation in the cafeteria? That was just brilliant. It was THE Teal'c moment, just like convo between Jack and ascended!Daniel "Abyss" was THE O'Neill moment and "Grace" was THE Carter episode. Hell, the convo between Daniel and Morgan le Fay was his moment too - and it was such a beautiful, painful, raw moment. They defined these charectors, these moments, and, well, what more can you say about that?

What else? The IOA arc was incredibly interesting. The fact that Marrick had to tell us why he got turned into a replicator hybrid peerhaps tells you that it wasn't adequately explained elsewhere - as I was saying aloud before he bothered telling us himself - but it was a cool idea.

There were perhaps too many endings - almost as bad as Return of the King - and the begining was a little too explainitory for those who'd seen the series and a little too not enough for those who hadn't. And the idea that all Prior staffs are connected was perhaps a little too convient, but otherwise the only way the movie could have been improved would have been if O'Neill was in it.

*sighs* All that said, this movie actually made me like the Ori arc for the first time, and was of a quality so much higher than the last few seasons I could almost weap.

But, yeah. I guess Continum will have to wait for after DW - or tomorrow. And then on to SGA and SGU. Anyone have any suggestions for my next massive series watching?
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