Stargate: SG-1 S9 commentary

After watching part 1 of "Avalon," I had serious qualms about watching the rest of season 9. I mean, every charector I was interested in and had - well, grown up with is the wrong word, but it's as close as anything else - suddenly left the show, with no hint of it coming at the end of 8. In fact, I'm finding myself wishing that the series had ended at 8, because everything that's come afterwards has been an insult to the good episodes that came before.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I like Ben Browder. I loved Farscape. I just don't like Cameron, or how he was introduced with flashbacks, like the writer's were just too lazy to actual work him into the story anyother way. I frankly don't care a bit about him, or Vala, or about Teal'c issues with the free Jaffa. Or the Ori. In fact, I get the feeling that whoever wrote this season decided that, since they couldn't have their own tv show, they were just going to write their scripts into SG1, so they could have their own show, nevermind that all the bad guys had been taken care of at the end fo last season.

In fact, the whole season just felt like, "we know we've wrapped up every possible storyline from before, so let's just start from scratch." And I did not like.

Don't get me wrong. I liked "Prototype." "The Fourth Horseman" was even tolerable, though Orlin was only slightly less bothersome than he was the first time 'round. I could even get down with "Ripple Effect".

But the rest of it? Hated, and nearly considered just stopping at many points. It was only my stubborness in wanting to be through in my ranting/raving/critisizing of the series the caused me to persevere and watch this season. Hopefully 10 will have some redeemitive power and make it worth my while to have doen so.
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