This has been bothering me all day...

But, if it's called a refrigerator, why don't we have anything that just fridgerates?

Some other general complaints:
  1. I'm tired as anything, for no adequately explored reason, and have had to give in to caffine just to stay awake
  2. I'm POed 'cause, for all my trying, I can't seem to find any decent SG1 fic that's not either puerile, overly OoC, or written by a monkey with a fifth grader's grasp of english.
  3. Am highly disapointed in season 9 of SG1 and am trying to decide if it's even worth trying to finish the series, or if I'm just too stubborn not to
  4. Am even more POed that my advisor hasn't gotten back to me yet, so I went ahead and paid for my other two classes 'cause today's the deadline, even though I don't know if I'm actually in said classes yet.
  5. I can't seem to concentrate on anything, even the list of things I have to complain about. I blame the need for caffine.

My brother and I went to the new Mellow Mushroom yesterday though. That was cool. Whole Alice in Wonderland theme going on, good pizza. I liked.
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