Stargate: SG-1 S8 commentary

Season 1 showed potential. Season 2 was decent. Seasons 2-5 were quite amazing. I could even tolerate 6 & 7. Season 8, however, was just largely disapointing.

Granted, "New Order" wasn't so bad, even if it was kinda wyrd to have a new actress playing Wier, particularly one who looked almost completely different. It was good, and with Carter and O'Neill promoted, you do get a sense of SG1 begining to move on - and reasons for why all the charectors don't appear in all the episodes. "Lockdown" was really good, and I swear "Zero Hour" has to be one of the funniest things I've seen ever. I mean, "Well, he's not like other generals." "Actually, he's not like other people." Has to be one of the series' best lines ever. And sums up quite nicely everything there is to say about O'Neill's personality and how somone so... not sterotypically SF can make such a good leader.

But everything from that episode to, oh, about "Full Alert" was just pretty much we-needed-episodes-to-actually-have-enough-to-make-a-season-so-we-just-took-every-idea-our-writers-came-up-with,-no-matter-how-stupid. "Icon" was just ah, "Avatar," a let's-throw-the-special-effects-guys-a-bone episode, "Affinity" just stupid - hell, the whole idea of the Trust, while interesting in theory, just bored me to tears - ditto for "Sacrifices." And even "Gemini" wasn't good until the last 5 minutes. And don't even get me started on the clip show horror that was "Citizen Joe."

But "Full Alert" had alll that fun Earth global tension fun I've missed since, oh, season 5/6. "Reckoning" was just amazing on so many levels, and "Threads" was a beauty beyond measure, even if it just seemed like they were killing Jacob off to just kill him off. Even "Mobius" wasn't so bad, even if it seemed to have been intentionally streched out to make 2 episodes.

Granted, though, the season sees the end of Pete and the semi-canon (at least according to the wiki) of Sam/Jack. Though, seriously, the guy stalked you. I get from your comments in "Affinity" why you might settle for him, but he bought a house and a dog without your knowledge, and even your father, whom you only ever see when the world is ending, knew Pete was just a substitute for someone else. And had serious issues. So at least Pete is gone. Though that scene in "Threads" where Sam stops by Jack's backyard was just beautiful. That and "Reckoning" almost make up for the rest of the season. Almost.

That being said, I still feel that the 8th season was really five or six episode ideas pitched to the producers about why there should be an 8th season and then filled in with BS when the producers green-lighted those particular episodes. The vast majority of this season I'd never watch (or even think about) ever agin.

Now, this may be cheating some, but I've gone ahead and watched part one of "Avalon," and it seems to me that, with most the main cast gone, it's like nobody really wanted a 9th season. I mean, I liked Ben Browder from Farscape, but it's like, what? Where's everyone I've grown attached to/interested in over the last 8 seasons? Why didn't we hear about this at the end of last season? Hell, why didn't we get one scene where everyone's together and talking about why they're going their seperate ways.


I disliked 8. I fear the worst for 9.
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