Stargate: SG-1 S7 commentary

I'm not honestly sure how I feel about season 7.

"Falling" and "Homecoming" were quite good episodes. "Fragile Balance" was drop dead hillarious. "Evolution" wasn't half bad, though it was during that episode the thought suddenly occured to me - and was confirmed by my military father - that if the military was going to secretly send people through a real-life stargate, in largely ground-based situations, Air Force personel are probably not the ones they would choose for their flagship team. Marines or Army special forces, maybe, but not Air Force. I mean, they're a force for the air. It's kinda part of their name.

"Grace" was for Carter what "Abyss" was for O'Neill, and is possibly one of the best episodes I've seen in the series. "Heroes" was quite brilliant - especially the second part - and "Lost City" was pretty amazing, if not as wholely so as some previous season finales.

That being said, this season 7 suffers the fate of most long-running tv shows, in that it's overall quality is not what it was three or four seasons before, and shows every sign of going down fast. I've come to the conclusion that it's Jack that makes the show, and absence for large parts of this season only hurts the show. While I'd like to claim to be objective and really do like the other charectors, the episodes I really hated were the ones in which he had little to no part in.

"Orpheus" was just painful to watch. "Lifeboat" was good, and really made me want to ship Janet/Daniel, but painful for entirely personal reasons - and, plus, wasn't Daniel crazy the last time, in "Legacy" or something like? Couldn't it have been someone else? "Enemy Mine" just made me sick and tired of the Unas story line. "Space Race" was esentially the SG1 version of VOY's "Drive", and just as big a failure. "Avenger 2.0" took the hillarity that was "The Other Guys" and reduced it to, well, I don't know what the word for it might be, but trash comes close. And while I love the ST connection with Jolene Blalock as Ishta in "Birthright," the story confirms for me the idea that Christopher Judge should be forbidden from writting any more episodes, the fact that he's a main charector nonwithstanding. And don't even get me started on clipshows like "Inaguration".

My real problem, however, is "Chimera" - not because I've decided I'm a diehard Sam/Jack fan, but because it reminds me of Twilight. I mean, if my boyfriend were to use his cop-connections to do a background check on me, knowing that I worked on something classified for the goverment, I'd be more than a little pissed if he were to essentially stalk me and nearly botch a stakeout. That strikes me as bad and more than a little creepy and control-freakish a la Carter's fiance from "The First Comandment", and a sign of bad things to come. Though Pete himself strikes me as more than a little sleazy.... I mean, I'm glad Sam decided no to just spend her life waiting around for Jack and all that, but, really, anyone could do better than Pete. Especially a beautiful genius who knows her way around explosives like her.

What else is there to say? There's something missing - maybe a sense of completeness, maybe something else - from this season, as if, thinking that the series would be ending and then finding that it wasn't, they intentionally took out key elements only so they could have something to make an eighth season out of. Idk. But I think I'll spend some time trying to work on FINAO before starting season 8 - that, and I think dad might make an issue of it if I were to watch more TV today, despite the fact... well, let's not get into that.
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