More Fics I'll never write

A Thor/ST:IX crossover, in which Thor takes a lot longer to humble himself, but doesn't age. As such, he goes through more than a few mortal covers until we reach 2233, when he's serving as the XO of the USS Kelvin under the name of George Kirk. The Kelvin goes through as planned, only because of his sacrifice he's saved by the Asgard and brought back home. Cue the bridge-destroying goings-on of the Thor-movie shortly after, preventing Thor/George Kirk for going back for his children. Jump ahead to post-ST:IX movie, where Jim is now captain of the Enterprise and they're investigating a wormhole that has just appeared in space - the newly rebuilt rainbow bridge. Thor meets grown-up Jim. Cue family drama.

More thoughts on a SG1 Sam/Jack. Story would go something like this:

  • Significant attraction between both from "Seth" onwards, resulting in the onscreen flirting we see, and not acted upon until ->
  • the week between "Nemesis" and "Small Victories," after which they begin an actual relationship that they keep hidden for all the usual frat rules until ->
  • "Ascension," when the left behind spy equiptment discovers not Sam and Orlin having dinner, but Sam and Jack in a somewhat compromising positon, which causes her to be moved to a different SG team and Jack to be repremanded, allowing them to stay together and keep their jobs, but far from the ideal outcome, but ->
  • Hammond is somewhat of a matchmaker, and keeps coming up with excuses to send their teams places together, or have SG1 escort Sam on her own on her scientific missions (which can be worked around in canon, as Jack appears in fewer episodes starting in season 5, and, those he is in, he's often in different places/planets than she is), which works unti ->
  • "Paradise Lost," during which Jack is lost and Sam realizes the true extent of her feelings (ie, crying in locker rooms), which leads to them ->
  • moving in together by "Fragile Balance," (though she's working at the SGC overnight the night Jack is cloned, so she has no more idea about it than anyone else), possibly getting engaged.
  • This part is not yet backed up with episodes, as I've only watched through "Evolution, Pt. 1", but: I do know that Jack get's promoted at the end of the season, so insert reason for this as something to do with Sam/Jack - possibly marriage or baby, depending on what I see in the last half of the season.

Perhaps I shall write a very long onesie for this idea....
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