Thor commentary

So, since Dad's back and Dad being back means I get kicked out of the house for extended periods of time, I finally went and saw Thor today. I mean, it was okay. I'd no problem with the actors or the storyline or the special effects or really any of it, except for the fact that the writing seemed a little substandard, and the fact that the whole romance subplot came almost competely out of left field. I mean, he was there what, two days? maybe three? Is that really enough time for a formerly all-powerful being to be sufficently humbled as to regain his powers? I dunno, but you gotta wonder. And can you really fall in love with someone enough to try to build a wormhole to to go and find him in that amount of time?

Idk. Plotholes to drive double deckers through, I guess.

I might write more on it, but I'm kinda PO'ed at my family right now. Dad's busy deciding my life again, and Mom's all doing that mom thing where we end up having the same conversation over and over again, and my brother's PO'ed because I'm not sufficiently awed by his skydiving experience yesterday.  Yes, cool, but, really, is it worth being so angry at me because I mention I'd thought he'd done it himself, not tandem?

Idk. Life sucks, I guess, and I'm pissed. I was actually feeling fine (even thought I was interupted 8x this morning for meaningless trivialities while trying to watch the SG1 season 6 finale) earlier, but step through the door and it's all like "oh, let's talk about our feelings and how you're such a failure and what do you want and why can't you find a job in this lovely market of ours?"


Well, yeah. Go me. Though shirtless, accented Chris Helmsworth almost makes up for it. Almost.
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