Stargate: SG-1 S5 commentary

I think I have a problem. I watched 15 episodes of SG1 yesterday (14 of them belonging to season 5) and the remainder of the season today. Meaning, yes, that I watched 23 episodes in 2 days. And have time to watch plenty more today.

That being said, while season 5 wasn't as all around amazing as season 4 - there was a distinct lessening in shippiness for one - it was still pretty amazing. There's still the continuity from the earlier seasons, and the RL-like politicking, and, well, just a whole bunch of awesomeness. Even if I do think Orlin was just the writer's way of avoiding any serious Sam/Jack shipping, and that Sam's charector in dealing with both Orlin in "Ascendence" and her actions in the episode before that were highly OoC. But what can you do? You can attribute it to Jack just rubbing off on her or bad writing. But it's there.

Anyway, I love the replicators are the ones that save them in "Enemies", in a sense, and, even if I do think that flashbacks are heavily overused in this series, I rather liked "Threshold." I might've even liked "Ascendence" if Orlin didn't strike me as a) creepy, b) gay (I think it's the hair), and c) a cheap way of avoiding the Sam/Jack UST they built up in seasons 3 and 4. What else?

I laughed so hard at the team being called elves in "Red Sky" that I almost fell out of my seat, and laughed so hard all the way through "Wormhole Xtreme" that I think I might've broken something. I mean, seriously, I love those spoof episodes. It was just so... oh my god, thinking about it makes it hard to breathe, what with the laughter and all.

I think I must have seen a bit of "2001" before, beacuse a) it seemed familiar somehow (I think I tried watching the episode once when it was on before a DW while I was at Salem) and b) I really disliked it, which must be why I didn't get into the series 6 years ago. I mean, Orlin dying was one thing, but yet another guy in the same season dying for her because they love her? And Narim too in "Between Two Fires"? There's plot device, and then there is just insane kill-people-off-itis. Oh, and McKay in "48 Hours" just rubbed me so the wrong way I was praying for him to be the gould.

So, I guess you can tell which episodes I disliked. But "Wormhole Xtreme" was to die for. The RL poltics in "The Tomb" was pretty amazing. "Desperate Measures" gave us more of my favourite ST alum, John de Lancie, and some non-alien threats that just bring home how gould aren't the only threats in the world, and how humans might still just end up destroying themselves. "The Warriror" was a good idea, but a little too obviously drawn out into parallels with RL and a little too simple to make up a full hour of TV.
"Meance" was just great, because how many people can say that the greatest threat to life in this universe is essentially a child's toy? I mean, that's just great, but the episode itself was pretty amazing - and kudos for the actress to be able to stand on that ramp grating in those stilletos without falling through. And I ended up crying in "Meridian", which is a first for this series - no, wait, I take that back. I teared up too in the flashback where Charlie killed himself, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, loved the season. Not quite as much as season 4, but 5 held together better as a whole, and all my complaints are basically of a shippy nature. Le sigh. Now to attempt to do something... anything... before starting on 6....
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Yippee! Now that you've seen "Wormhole Xtreme", I can rec you one of my favorite SG1 fics OF ALL TIME.

It's also called Wormhole Xtreme, and it's Sam and Janet shipping Jack'n'Daniel via on-base fanfic...and then the boys retaliating....and then Teal'c, expounding on the wonder that is Xena the Warrior Princess, and it will have you laughing FOREVER AND EVER (or at least, I was giggling the entire way through).