Fics I'll probably never write

Stargate: SG1 (Sam/Jack)

A Sam/Jack story that starts with the true development of their relationship after "Into The Fire," (because their meeting was just to antagonistic in "Children of the Gods" to be anything more than physical in "The Broca Divide", though that may have forced them to notice each other more than they should as teammates et cetera), with an actual relationship/affair not starting until the break between "Nemesis" and "Small Victories". Possible discovery/revelation of their relationship comes about as a side effect of the hidden cameras not being completely removed in "Ascension" (catching Sam and Jack rathern than Sam and Orlin). Consequences from there. Not saccarine (ie, no happy ending, or, at least, not one that ends in them being allowed to fraternize by the president or one of them happily retiring) but not uberdark either.

Star Trek: Enterprise (TnT)

A Rigel Kent style season 5 that involves Trip and T'Pol finally getting together, not angsty so much as realistically difficult, possibly involving the start of the Romulan War, not baby!fic and limited-to-no use of the whitespace.

Star Trek: Voyager (Janeway/Chakotay)

Uber-hazy on the details, but something involving "Critical Care" and Janeway grabbing Chakotay's hand rather than Tovok's when talking to the female Jye.
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