Stargate: SG-1 S4 commentary

I so would have finished season 4 last night if not for the fact that, on the last episode, Netflix suddenly decided that having me stream in one room, my brother in another, and my mom in a third was just one stream too many. Not that I really care or anything. It's not like I've gotten to the point of being vaguely obsessed or anything. Especially not when season 4 was so delightfully shippy...

What can I say? VOY season 4 was it's best. ENT's too. And probably a lot of other shows I'm not remembering at the moment. All I know is season 4 rocked and, well, I loved it. But don't tell my family.

Firstly, loved Sam's hair in the first half the season (don't ask me why this is bullet number 1) and that they went back to the season 1/2 opening credits (even if they didn't bother updating them).

Secondly, if everything from "Into the Fire" made me hope for a relationship between Sam and Jack, "Small Victiories" convinced me that there might actually be one under the surface. Hell, that first bit, when they come off the ramp, and their interaction in her lab? I so want to find a fic that shows them as having an affair/relationship/something from that point on, because, as much as I respect they're officers doing their duties and ignoring their attraction because of regs, you know that, in RL, such tension would never go unresolved for so long, and nobody is that perfect. And their shared glances and flirting throughout the rest of the season (can anyone say "Beneatht the Surface"? or "Divide and Conquer"? or even "Window of Opportunity"?)... In short, I'd like to have seen that relationship, once addressed, oh, I dunno, carried out?

Speaking of "Window of Opportunity," that has to be SyFy timelooping at its best. Hell, it might be SG1 at it's best. That irreverent humour, coupled with the fact that, in this version of timelooping, the charectors involved strove at tasks difficult to them and against their nature to fix the loop (ie, learning Latin) and only when that appeared not to work did they start having fun for the sake of it. I mean, golfing in the stargate? that's just... wow. Two thumbs way up for this episode.

Make that for the whole season. "Small Victories" was just great (they blew up the O'Neill; how much better can you get?); "The Other Side" gives us not only our first ST actor Xover (Odo as the Hitler guy), but it did the whole nazi idea without being direct about it (at first) and without actually having nazis, which is special, as not even ST managed to be nazi free; "Upgrades" not only has the delightful Sam/Jack moment, but is so hillariously funny (a bar fight? really) that its just too great to be true; "Divide and Conquer" for the shippyness and the death (at last) of Martuff; "Watergate", well, mostly for bringing in the Russians and Earth's gobal politics; "Beneath the Surface" for the inevitable mind-wipe episode (can you say VOY's "Workforce"?); "Point of no return" for just being so damn funny; "Tangent" for brining Jacob back in and for being just so amazingly wonderful...

I'd go on, but I think you get the point. Sure, I thought "Crossroads," "2010," "The Light," and "Prodigy" were low points, but they certainly would have counted as highs if placed in previous seasons, and were so few in number that I must say season 4 is by far my favourite so far.

What else? I'm still loving the bringing back of old charectors from previous episodes (Jacob remains my high favourite out of all of these; he's just too perfect a charector not to like, especially given the whole Jack-Sam-Jacob dynamic that gets going when they get together); "Double Jeopardy" does that very well.

And as for the season finale being them blowing up a sun with a stargate to a black hole, then being slingshoted into a different galaxy.... how can you get any better than that? Seriously, how?

Anyway, there's my little soapbox. And I also just finished episode 10 of season 5 (yes, I sat and watched 11 episodes in a row; don't judge) and want to eat... so, yeah

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