Stargate: SG-1 S3 commentary

Okay, just because it took me, oh, two and a half days to watch all of season 3 of SG1 doesn't mean I like it or anything. Sure, it's exciting, and, even if rather cliched, quite interesting, and-

Oh, who am I kidding? I like it. The first season was rather annoying at times, as was the second, if significantly less so, but, for the most part, I really enjoyed season three. While the previous two were on, oh, VOY season 3 level, this one was on the level of VOY seasons 6 or 7 - or, hell, even ENT seasons 1 or 2. And that's saying something on my grand scale of all things SyFy.

For instance, I'm glad we finally got a resolution to Sha-re and Skaara's arcs, even if the whole "Forever in a Day" episode was kinda strange, and "Pretense" was just generally annoying and tells us nothing of what happened to Skaara afterwards. And "Maternal Instinct" and "Crystal Skull" just made me want to roll my eyes. And, as far as "A Hundred Days" goes? I'll be honest and admit I fast-forwarded through most of the Jack's-trapped-and-making-a-new-life-for-himself-with-this-strange-woman-he-has-a-mysterious-connection-with parts. And not just because I've decided (and found heady evidence in this season for) I ship Sam/Jack.

On that note, I believe I've found the reason why people so ardently ship Sam/Jack in this season - from the hug in "Into the Fire" to their bantering back and forth throughout the season and the interesting looks they share - to the fact that Jack says he hasn't been himself since meeting her in "Shades of Grey".

I also don't know what whatshisname, Michael Shanks, was thinking when he left the show because he charecter was basically filler or whatnot - there were so many Daniel episodes in this one that it made me crazy. Though I particularly like the treatment of his scizophrenia in "Legacy," even if I personally find that topic difficult to watch/deal with.

All that being said, I did generally love this season. "Seth" was a particular favourite, and not just for the Sam/Jacob interaction we get. "Fair Game," "Urgo," "Shades of Grey," "Nemesis," and, of course, the Ne'tu episodes were particularly good as well - "Shades of Grey" especially. I'm also loving how we keep getting charectors/worlds/situations that are consequences of previous episodes/seasons - that's, again, a very rare thing in TV shows, even if I don't particularly care for some of those that keep popping up (CoughNarimCough).

Also, when I first saw the replicators, I thought to myself "SG1 Borg" or possibly "Melding Plague al la Revelation Space"  or something else from another series that I'm sure I've read and can't remember the name of. That being said, they were significantly different, at least as far as "Nemesis" went, to make e realize that they weren't the un-organic version of Borg. Which is nice and surprisingly orginal, though more remains to be seen.

Anyway, I liked it, and probably should go about doing something else, before I start season 4... like maybe eating.
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