Stargate: SG-1 S2 commentary

So it only took me 3 days to watch all of season 2 of SG1. That doesn't mean I like it or anything... granted, the makeup was about eight times better this time around and the storylines were more varried (though O'Neill seemed to be impailed by something nearly every other episode - "Message in a Bottle," "Spirits.) And I really love how they're taking things that happened in the first season and bringing their consequences into the second - that about never happens in these kinds of things.

Oh, I give up. I actually enjoy the show now. Granted, I still think that people turning into any sort of alien is just stupid, be it SG1 and "Bane" or VOY and "Threshold" or ENT and "Extinction" or really any other series. And did anyone else see "Prisoners" as basically their version of VOY's "Chute", which came out a year or so before? And If all the last/near last episodes of each season turn out to be recaps like "Out of Mind" and "Politics," I may just go mad, despite seriously enjoying the non-recappy parts.

And body-swaping is just such an unfortunate inevitablity in these things that wikipedia has a list dedicated to it - and it works no better in "Holiday" than it does in Buffy's "Who are You?" and "Witch,"  Farscape's "Out of their Minds," Giligan's Island's "The Friendly Physician," TOS's "Turnabout Intruder," VOY's "Vis a Vis," X-File's "Dreamland". Though admittedly some of those are fairly good episodes of their respective shows. But the fact that the list tells me that it's happened in at least four other Stargate episodes is enough to tell any one that the cliche is cliched for a reason. It was crack, and semi-enjoyable crack, but crack nonetheless.

That being said, there was a lot less of it (crackiness) this season, as if it were just a hook to get people to watch last season, and some seriously enjoyable episodes and storylines in this. For example, "The Fifth Race," while a trope in every sort of manner, was quite amazing, as was "A Matter of Time," which managed to handle blackhole physics in a semi-reasonable way while remaining exciting for TV. And "1969" was cliched as anything, but still...

But "Secrets," "The Tok'ra," and "Touchstone" were some pretty impressive episodes. You get the darkside of the goverment, politics, rebellion, secrets, betryal, complicated family stuff... the stuff decent SyFy series are made of.

Plus, I can actually see why people ship Sam/Jack in this season, and have an easier time seeing/believing/wanting to believe it.

And, with that, I'm off to make dinner, then watch season 3... and the newest episode of DW!

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