Stargate: SG-1 S1 commentary

So, I came into SG-1 with very, very low expectations. I mostly started watching it as a lark, because it was either that or rewatch DW or Farscape for the millionth time and, as much as I love both, even I have limits. Plus I thought it might be fun to mock, and I enjoy mocking things. Very much.

That being said, SG-1 exceeded my expectations. Granted, I've only just finished the first season, but there's more promise in the series than I've seen in a lot of SyFy. The backstory, for instance, is remarkably well-flushed out. The whole thing with there being good aliens - the Viking gods - was a nice thing to have so early in the series, and, besides being very silly at times and filled with a whole buch cliche plots ("Hathor" anyone?), it was actually quite nice. Though don't tell anyone I said that.

Granted, the first episode was kinda painful. Carter for that entire episode seemed rather wooden, like they were trying too hard to have a pretty, intelligent, battle-seasoned woman as their, well, token female, but she got better after that. And you have to respect Teal'c's actor for having made a career out of wearing funny facepaint and looking pained, if not constipated, whenever he's on screen. And it's just typical that they all have devistatingly tragic backstories (Jackson, his wife; Teal'c, his family; O'Neill, his son) that we only find out about when they become plot points...

But still. I like the idea. It's very internally consistant. So what if half of it seems like a bad knockoff of a ST script? "The Broca Divide" was just too hillarious an idea to take seriously, for instance, but I still enjoyed it. Ditto for "Hathor". Granted, the costumes (particularly in "The Nox" - pink with big hair anyone) are horrendous and they say, "With all due respect," entirely too many times for me not to cringe each time it comes up... but I like it. A contemporary SyFy show is pretty daring, and, while "Politics" was annoyingly recappy, the whole situation with Kinsey rang startlingly true - so much so where I was hard put to side with Kinsey, who made several excellent points, and the SG-1 team, who I knew had a point only because I'd seen it.

Now, that being said, I can't put my finger on it, but O'Neill seems curiously effeminate to me for a SF officer. I think it might be the make-up (too much blush? idk, but it's something) and the fact that, except for that one part in "Politics", they've have to temper his charector to make him more likable and the show more family-friendly. I doubt that anyone with his particular temperment would ever make it far in the real military, but, I must admit, the situation with his son made me cry, and the fact that he had to kill Scara at the end of "Within the Serpent's Grasp" was just beautifuly cyclic. And I love cyclic.

The whole Sam/Jack almost-ship kinda has me freaked, though. Granted, from a viewer's standpoint, I love living vicariously through SyFy and find the idea of a ship exciting. But the whole he's-her-superior-officer, at-least-10-years-older, and etc has me kinda icked. If I found the right fic, I'm sure I could see it done well, but mostly I just have a squick factor I can't combat thinking about it. Not to mention the fact that, in RL, it would be courtmarshals for the both of them. Now, I've seen hints of Sam/Daniel in some episodes and have a lot better time accepting that ship rationally, but something about it doesn't ring in my gut like Sam/Jack. Maybe it's cause the writer's want us to ship Sam/Jack and whatever Sam/Daniel I'm seeing is just personal chemistry between the charectors. *shrugs* Though it's annoying how every male alien seems to fall in love with her... am I sensing a trope in the making? And Daniel, well, he's been declared dead twice already...

What else? Idk. That's all I have for now. The stories are cliche, alternating between old-earth-culture-on-new-planet and illness-to-combat-at-the-SGC in an alarmingly regular pattern, and have all been seen in ST versions before. But they're far more martial than ST ever was, even the Dominon episodes, and more realistically military, if only to a certain extent.

Oh, what the hell. I'll keep watching. In pain, probably, but still...
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