Punishment for unremembered sins

Sometimes I think I read fanfiction as punishment for unremembered sins. Seriously, because half the time I end up going, "Pain, physical pain," aloud while reading them - something I also tend to do during bad syfy shows. Like the 1st half of VOY. And today where, in attempt to find something new to amuse myself, I started watching Stargate SG-1.

I know, right? At it's best, it's like a bad episode of Star Trek, but at least I've never seen them before and my expectations weren't eactly that high to begin with. I watched the pilot last night (snickering the whole time, my brother can vouch) and watched episodes 3-8 today. I swear, the moment - the literal moment I realized what the plauge did in "The Broca Divide," I knew it would be a fanfiction writer's dream, so I went looking for some after. Haven't found any yet, but the one or two SG1 fics I have found are just... well, special is the closest word I have. Painful is a close second.

Anyway, wish me luck. It's either this or madness, so... yeah. SG1 it is. For now.
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Bwahahahhaahaaaa... I mean. Um. Sorry for your suffering? I got into SG-1 at the very beginning of my descent into fanfiction, eons ago, back when I was young and naive and could still see daylight (nowadays, if I catch a glimmer of a sunbeam filtering down, it's a lucky day ^___^). I hadn't realized that stories other than Sam and Jack and making babies on alien planets existed - well, okay, if I were feeling particularly deviant, it might be a Sam+Daniel fic, and they raised their babies on Earth. Man, those were the days.... I tend not to re-read those fics, either. ;-)

But, hey, if you want, I can try to dig up a few stories for you that have been read after I developed taste when it comes to selecting fic. Would that help any?
it might - like I said, I've only just started watching the series and, with time, I'm sure I'll find something decent in the fandom to real. But, right now, what little I've seen of both the series and the fandom makes me want to weep in horror. But, like I said, it's something different to watch, and I'm having fun mocking it.
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