More anti-Martha ranting

So I just finished watching DW "The Silent Library" and "The Forest of the Dead". And, two things. Well, maybe more.

First, I really, really don't want to live River Song. I kinda hate the idea of the Doctor - particularly 10 - being with anyone but Rose. But that's just a personal thing, I guess. Though the idea of anyone with the Doctor at all is kina woogly. I mean, Rose (and I'm possibly being pendantic here) loved the Doctor - both 9 and 10 - for who he is/was. River spent the entire episode loving the Doctor for who he will be. And, Martha, of course, loved the idea of being loved by him...

That I think is my problem with Martha. He made it more than clear all he wanted was a friend and she never got it through her head until the Year That Never Was. For a doctor-in-training, and theoretically very intelligent, she was very slow that way... though I did love her tattoos. Those were cool.

Le sigh...

Two, what was two? I think it was a rant on how much I like Donna over Martha, as Donna is an actual real person, who isn't in love with him.

Though it might've been a comment that I broken down and watched "The Eleventh Hour" yesterday, despite the fact I've not finished season 4. I loved it. 11 seems to be just as crazy as 10, but without the darker edges to him that I really love/d about 10. Based off of what I've seen so far, I'd call 11 more zany than genius-haunted-by-his-past.

But oh well. I'll do a discourse on this all later, after I've seen every episode.


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(Okay, so I meant to comment about this like, last week...and then I forgot. So, since it's Dr Who Day and I plan on posting some Martha-esque podfics in celebration: here, have some of my thoughts on Martha)

I most definitely support the 10/Rose love (and that scene at the end of "The Stolen Earth" MAKES ME CRY EVERY TIME). Rose helped the 9th Doctor to get rid of some of his rage, and she made the 10th Doctor be more at ease in his own skin. She's basically the best thing that could have happened to him, at that point in his life ;-)

I found myself to be a bit biased against Martha at the beginning, simply because she wasn't Rose. However, her character development towards the end there, when she begins to actually be Awesome on her own (during the Year That Wasn't, when she wasn't clinging to the Doctor's coattails for reassurance), started to turn me around. Actually, I'm pretty sure I liked Martha a lot more when she wasn't the Doctor's Companion anymore: the Torchwood episodes where she has a cameo were pretty awesome, and by the time we get around to seeing Martha in her little red U.N.I.T. beret, I was a much bigger fan of hers.

I feel like, Companioning for the Doctor actually let Martha grow up some. At the beginning, where she was so obviously crushing on him and not taking in the flashing neon UNAVAILABLE sign over his head, it was annoying like whoa. But, as the season progresses, and we see Martha finally begin to step up a bit.... she stands up with a strong sense of self, that's allowed to shine when she finally stops relying on the Doctor to save her all the damn time.

Anyway. Long story short: I like Martha better when she's not with the Doctor. (And, stay tuned for a few post-Doctor Martha-centric podfics: you'll be able to see why she's awesome (even though she's not Rose)) =D
Long story short: I like Martha better when she's not with the Doctor. -- I think that's hitting the nail on the head. I'm planning on doing a massive DW rewatch, one episode at a time, some time in the future, and doing some huge massive treatsie on it like I did with VOY, but I think that sums up Martha in a nutshell.

She was a wonderful charecter, even if her progression as one seemed to take forever, but she can't be who she should be in the Doctor's shadow. Like, idk, some people are with their boyfriends/husbands/etc.

Le sigh. anyway, as you're more than aware, its a Season 5 marathon and "The Lodger" is on... so, ttfn