The Strangeness that is my Life

So, I still can't get the javascript to work on my laptop, so I suppose I'll actually have to reboot it here in a bit, but I can deal for now. It's so annoying to actually have to restart my computer rather than just put it to sleep....

But I am enjoying the dual pleasures of working on my computer and watching DW on my dad's laptop.... Mostly because I discovered BBC is starting in on Season 5 of DW tomorrow, and I've only seen through the end of season 3.... as of 5 min ago.

Have to say, though, I still really don't like Martha. Unlike Rose, who was content to take whatever the Doctor was prepared to give (and, if I do say, won his heart that way) (id est "The story between the Doctor and Rose is basically a love story without the shagging" as far as Rose and 10 are concerned...), Martha blatently wanted more and, despite frequent informing otherwise, never got it through her head....

Does that sentance even make sense? Oh well.

Let's just say that if it takes the near-end of the world for a girl to realize that a guy doesn't like her, there's something wrong with her.
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