Random Thoughts for an Almost-Aniversary

So, the 41st Aniversary of Apollo 13's safe landing is tomorrow. I finally finished my book on the disaster too and, well, let's just say the only reason there wasn't more balling was because the washer repair guy was here.

So, since I finished reading Apollo 13, I really should have gone on to one of the other millions of books in my anti-library I'm reading... but do I? No. Mostly because, oddly enough, I enjoy reading The Logic of Human Destiny, which is non-zero game theory as it applies to civilization, on the treadmill. And An American Werewolf in Idaho, that book I mentioned my online friend wrote, is, sadly, not good. Well-written, but so far I'm unimpressed with the storyline or her world-building capabilities. Le sigh.

So I'm rereading Foreigner.

Yeah, I know. Loving it though. Le sigh. Visual Bookshelf is having trouble reccomending me books again. But I'm at #115 on the list now. Go me.
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