Don't Blink!

So, I was watching Doctor Who on the BBC... as always... and today's episode was "Blink" which, is a) totally better than the "Human Nature"-arc that came before it as carried out, b) totally scary - almost as bad as the WWII episodes - and would have been a lot worse if it was dark out and there were no commercials, and c) made me fall in love with DW all over again. Though I sitll miss Rose and think Martha has a lot of self-esteem issues and very little self-respect for a woman training to become a doctor. Anyway, here's the final scene - which is uber cool and scary and just wow...


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"Blink" and "The Empty Child" are my two all-time favorite Nu!Who episodes. Hooray for someone else who loves them! ^___^
I know... I first watched "The Empty Child" in a small tv room on the top floor of my creaking high school dormitory... the kinda place the sounds very creepy late at night anyway, and in which the lights don't ever work properly to begin with. Scared the hell out of me... but those two episodes are quite possibly my two all-time nu!DW favourites too.