Things I've Learned Today

  1. That I love absoluetly all incarnations of insane!David Tennant, and, while I worry about what it might mean for his career if all the charector's I've ever seen him play are insane, that didn't stop me from downloading the Hamlet (2009) movie from iTunes earlier... or from rewatching the second half of the second act....
  2. That my garden-work will probably never be finished. I'm thinking birdbaths and bloodgrass for the side yard.
  3. That, no matter what I do, the inheriant stress of this family will drain whatever joy I have out of any and everything.
  4. That, if I just keep going through the "Visual Bookshelf Reccommends" page, I will inevitably discover more books that I have read but not yet marked as such, allowing me to climb, slowly but surely, up the ranks. I moved from #126 to #121 today....
  5. That my stomach probably hurts from all the sublimiated stress I'm unable to avoid.
  6. That I am woefully underappreciated.

  • Current Mood: stressed
  • Current Music: Pan's Labryinth "Long, Long Time Ago"
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