Hamlet (2009) commentary

So, I requested this dvd from Netflix for 2 - well, techinically 3 - reasons. First, that it's Hamlet and my favourite of all of Shakespere's plays. Two, that David Tennant plays Prince Hamlet. And, three, that Patrick Stewart plays King Claudius/King Hamlet. I mean, Hamlet, plus Doctor Who, plus TNG? It's like a miracle waiting to happen.

And, God, it was. It was! Sure, the disc was scratched so there's a portion in the final act that kept skipping, but, God, was it worth bearing through. All of the second act, where Hamlet starts to go mad? It was beautiful. Not only do we get to see Tennant doing what he does best - playing a mad genius, though this a touch darker and a touch less sane than he got to be as the Doctor - but we get to see him doing it barefoot and - what more - in an orange muscle shirt. It was absoluetely brilliant. Just brilliant. The whole act was just one whole bit of madness, with his dancing about and general seeming of insanity that he did so beautifully as the Doctor.

Patrick Stewart was rather amazing too, but, God, I was a little carried away by the brilliance that was David Tennant.

All of it was brilliant. I'd go on, but my internet, like the disc, is acting wonky, and it's driving me crazy.
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