Dead Poets Society commentary

So I've been wanting to watch Dead Poets Society ever since I quoted it in Chappter 4 of "Failure". I'd not seen it since, oh, I was in high school, at least, but Netflix only offered it by disc and I had to wait for mom to finish the BBC version of Being Human, as I'd rudely controlled the queue with VOY for the better part of a year.
But anyway, what can you honestly say about DPS that hasn't been said already? The irony that Robert Sean Leonard, who played Neil Perry, the student-who-wanted-to-be-an-actor-not-a-doctor, is now most famous for playing Dr. Wilson on House? And that the guy who played his father, Kurtwood Smith, played the father of the paitent (played by Dave Matthews) in that one episode of House fourth or fifth season? I love irony as much as the next person, but, god, it's not what makes this movie.
No, I mean, it's perfect. It captures the feel of a single-sex boarding school so perfectly (believe me; I'd know). I mean, that opening scene, with the ceremony? Right out of my high school, right down the the headmaster's speech.
And then the fact that Walt Whitman's poems play such an important part? I love Whitman. "The Song of Myself" is like my favourite poem ever. And all the other poetry choices are just perfect.
The cinemography is lovely. The feel of it all is spot on. And the unbearable weight of expectations...
Yes, I've seen it before. Yes, I knew how it ends. But I was still crying at the end.
The movie's such a different animal now that I'm done with high school. Then it was as if the world was my oyster. Now that it's become all to clear that global warming has destroyed the sealife and left me with broken hopes and scattered dreams. And the movie speaks to me on a different level now... A sadder, bittersweat one. Like ashes and chocolate.
*Sobs a little more*
Still, it's one of those movies I'll end up watching over and over again throughout the years, probably finding a different meaning in it each time - making the movie truely priceless.
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