I should be writing...

In fact, I've like half a page left of the 6th chappie of FINAO, but I felt the overwhelming need to share these two ideas:

  1. TNG's been showing on BBC America, and they started in the 3rd season. Despite the fact it's 21 years old, a lot of it is about terrorism and, I feel, applicable to one George W Bush. Obviously he never watched Star Trek. But nevermind that. Today's episode was "The High Ground" (3x12), wherein Dr. Crusher was kidnapped by terrorists and, at one point, the terrorists tried to destroy Enterprise. They dimensionally-shifted aboard the bridge at this point and Picard tackled one of them. Thinking on it, this is the one act of Kirkian-esque disregard-for-safety/violence I can recall off the top my head Picard ever making. For Dr. Crusher. Nevermind the fact that I find the whole Crusher/Picard relationship kinda... well, silly as it plays out in the series and somewhat inspid in what relaunch novels I've read so far. It still says something.
  2. A lot less long and probably a lot less interesting. But WhatsHisName who played George Kirk Sr. in ST:IX - Chris Hemsworth - is the title charector in Thor. Already I'd like to see that crossover.

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