Tron: Legacy commentary

So I know it's totally awful of me to be commenting on this when I've still Red and Unstoppable to do, but we got Tron: Legacy the other day and I felt it nessicary to watch it tonight in my latest "Movies and Mojitos" binge. Not that it was a binge, per say, but, hey, you know what I mean.

So thoughts on Tron?

First, it was visually stunning. As a digital media person, I cannot stress this enough. In many ways, it's more beautiful than Avatar - that holy grail for most digital media-ers - because, rather than being mostly blue screen and effects, this incorportated real people into their effects without, oh, making them into blue aliens that you can't tell are the people to begin with. Add that to the fact that it's not just beautiful effects wise, but visually too, with the lights and the angles and blocking and sheer cinemagraphy of it.

Two, that everything from the begining ("real") portion of the movie is reflected amazingly in the grid portions of the movie - motorcycle race = lightcycle race, jumping off of Encom tower  = jumping off of CLU's tower-thingy; stealing Encom OS 12 = stealing back Flynn's disc, etc etc etc, not to mention the visual recalls.

Third, that the movie really makes me want to listen to Journey's "Seperate Ways (Worlds Apart)".

Fourth, that there's an actual story here that can be considered quite daring for the day and age: ie the freedom of information and data. Quite a not-current concept. It's very Lineux. Hell, it's very daring for any capitolist socieity.

Fifth (and it only took me two watchings in theatres and one at home to get this), you have a much better "messiah" story than The Matrix set in a fairly similar digital enviroment. Mostly because it is fairly hidden. Ie, eventually I got that Flynn was God, CLU the devil, Sam the messiah-figure, but it's all very mashed up. I mean, you have Quorra, who has that immaculate conception "profoundly brilliant, naive" quality about her that screams Jesus as far as the myths are concerned, as does the fact that she does most of the "saving" throughout the movie, and could change socieity... but that doesn't exactly mesh with the son-of-God thing they have Sam as, tradition-wise. I like it though. And then there's Tron of course - a force of good (angel?) that goes bad (ie, Lucifer?) then becomes good again - whose "Lucifer" title is split with CLU the devil...

Though, speaking of this last bit, that whole CLU-Flynn confrontation at the portal reminds me of this quote from Anne Rice's Tale of a Body Thief: "They looked at each other, they went on talking, and I picked up the thread again instantly. It was God talking to the Devil and telling the Devil he must go on doing the job. And the Devil didn't want to do it. He explained that his term had already been too long. The same thing was happening to him that had happened to the others. God said that He understood, but the Devil ought to know how important he was, he couldn't simply shirk his duties, that it wasn't that simple, God needed him, and needed him to be strong. And all of this was very amicable."

Six? Who was the actor that played Sam Flynn? Garrett Hedlund. Is it just me, or does he have the same pretty-boy looks as ST:IX's George Kirk, aka Chris Hemsworth, (and, I guess, you could also say Chris Pine, but less so), who I for some reason thought was playing Sam and was thus the reason I saw this movie in the first place. Is that slight, blonde, blue-eyed look the new "It" look for guys or something? I guess it must be.

Seven? I think I have a seven. And it's that I liked the movie. I liked that it had a plot (unlike some things coughAvatarcough). I liked it's complex, freedom of information plotline (nicely undertoned by the fact that this same freedom, created to extremes, is what CLU promised his programs) and the whole down-with-order (but not all order) part too... I like it. I'd watch it again. (Goodness, I went to the movies and saw it twice, one on Friday and once on Saturday). I like the music (particularly the bar fight scene bit). I give it an 8 or so on the grand scale of things.
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