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So, some of you might remember that I've been dissatisfied with what few X-Files fics I've read and mostly unhappy with what VOY fics I've found lately. But I've found one Doctor Who fic series that I've genuinely loved and have reread liek 3x since finding:

It's like 20 Rose/10 onesies and 3 longer fics, and, admittedly, I don't care for some of the onesies, but the longer ones.... those I really love. It's very Douglas Adams, though with a touch more plot than you find in The Hitchhicker's Guide.

The first long one is Chaos Theory in Vortex Orbits in Realitive Dimensions in Time and Space and it roughly covers 10 and Rose from mid-season 2 (I'd say post-"The Satan Pit") to "Doomsday", but it' so much more than that. Yes, it's a baby!fic, but you can get genuinely interested in the kids and the story remains romantic and funny and very DW.
The second long one is Chaos Theory on Dimensionally Stable Objects on Earth College Campuses and it's the story of one of the kids from the previous fic - Brem - going off to Harvard. It mostly follows him, but, again, it captures and captivates you the way DW is supposed to.
The last long one is Something About the Stars, which focuses on the middle kid - Athena - but is more of a family fic than the second. It also follows the plot of the 4th season Christmas Special "The End of Time" somewhat, but without the regeneration.

Anyway, if you're a fan of Rose/10, the fics are definately worth the read. Definately.
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