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So, according to Star Trek, on this day 52 years from now, humans will make first contact with Vulcans in Bozeman, Montana following Zephram Cochrane's successful warp flight. To celebrate, we're having pizza tonight.

But, more importantly, I gave in and watched the earliest episode of Doctor Who I could find. It was the first episode with the Third Doctor, ie, episode 051 from season 7 (ie, 1970): "Spearhead from Space" and, god, does it make TOS look like a big-buget show. So, watching this 41 year old SyFy show, I've really got to wonder how people managed not to laugh themselves sick during things like this. I mean, like I said, TOS was more special-effects-y than this was! Hell, 2001 was made 2 years before this episode and was practically... IDK, Avatar to this - and I hate Avatar.

That being said, at least I now know the background about the Nestine coniousness that comes back in the pilot of the relaunch series, episode 157, "Rose." Though I must add I didn't think much of the Third Doctor.... though maybe because he was asleep over half the episode. Le sigh. I suppose I'm unwarrentedly attached to the Tenth anyway. I mean, don't get me wrong, I loved the dark, Bryonic quality to the Ninth - "Dalek" is like his defining episode, and his elation at the end of "The Doctor Dances" when he shouts just this once, everybody lives! is just so heartbreakingly testimonial to his persona - but the Tenth is just... wow...That dark quality is still there, but it's masked by such a manic personality it becomes almost endearing...

IDK. I'll have to do a great Doctor Who rewatch like I did with VOY. At least, for the new series. Break it down by Doctor. BBC America is only up to the third season, but they're all on Netflix, and they'll prob have a marathon before the new season... I don't know if I genuinely like the 11th Doctor yet (having only seen the comercials) or the idea of River Song (as garnered by the commericals and some basic internet searching), but we'll see. Reserve jugement and all that.

Oh, and as far as jugement goes, I went and sold my body to science yesterday (don't ask) and when I came back looked up some of those X-Files fics like I was talking about earlier. That was a mistake. Obivously people have had time to improve fic-writing since the series came out, because the ones I found, even on rec lists, were rather bad. Though one or two were okay. Let's just say I won't be trying that again anytime soon.
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