My Dream Fics

So, there here are some ideas for fics that I might one day write / would genuinely love to see that I felt like sharing while working on the end of the next chappie of "FINAO":

: A Janeway/Chakotay Epic
The more I think about, the more I want a really good, genunine Janeway/Chakotay romance. One that starts up slowly after "Hunters" and evolves until it becomes a real romance. The one thing I always hated about VOY (though there really were several) was how, despite the fact they thought they'd be stranded in the Delta Quadrant for 70 years and knew they'd have to become a generational ship, there were only ever two kids born on the ship and possibly even fewer marriages/partnerships/relationships.
Most of the Janeway/Chakotay fics I've read don't have them getting together until after "Endgame," which I think is a mistake. A Janeway/Chakotay ship would have had all the hallmarks of a wonderful TV romance. For instance, there are the dualities that ST in particular love, like the fact Janeway's this intense former science officer and Chakotay's this very spiritual person, and then there's the fact that she dedicated her life to Starfleet, even leaving behind her fiance to go on a mission to capture Chakotay in the Badlands in the first place, wherewas Chakotay left Starfleet to join the Maquis, whom everyone considers terrorists and, in many respects, are.  And then you get the fact that he's now her first officer, and TV always has fun with work-relationships where the man is subordinate to the woman, especially as he was once the captain of his own ship... Plus the fact they're more mature (ie, older) than your usual Starfleet officers... and Janeway has this parental quality quite absent from the other ST captains, one that might possibly not have been stretched to the breaking point if she did become a mother for real.
No, what I really want to see is a slow-burning Janeway/Chakotay that takes its time throughout the last four seasons. Not impossibly slow, but enough that they just don't rush into things. One that starts up just after "Hunters" (4x15) dallies with the do they like each other/will they ever get together/admit their feelings/etc until about "Equinox, Part One" (5x26), during one of their arguments over what to do about Ransom in the last half of the episode. You know, where instead of where he goes: "I don't give a damn about your log! This isn't about rules and regulations. It's about right and wrong, and I'm warning you, I won't let you cross that line again." And she answers, "Then you leave me no choice. You are hereby relieved of duty until further notice." He says something wonderful (and incredibly corny) along the lines of, "I love you, but I hate the person you're turning into," only incredibly more eliquently. Cue some sort of relationship milestone around "The Voyager Conspiracy" (6x9), an even biger milestone in that lovely episode, "Shattered" (7x11), and possibly reaching it's zenith in "Workforce" (7x16&17) with a wedding/pregancy/them moving in together or something that would prove to be the height of their relationship during the series.

Doctor Who: A Rose/Ten romance
I've seen a couple of really good Rose/Ten romances - earlgreytea68's Chaosverse in particular - but what I want is a brilliant Rose/Ten romance that starts at the very end of "Fear Her" (2x11) with some sort of after-episode moment where they dicuss The Doctor's throwaway mention of fatherhood in that episode, which becomes a real relationship sometime shortly before OR after "Doomsday" (2x13), where they aren't seperated by parellel universes. At all. Ever. Cue Rose as companion/partner throughout season 3, with Donna and Martha, and some fluffyness.

The X-Files: An Alelou-style Scully/Mulder Missing Moments Series
So, I've not actually read any X-Files fanfiction as of yet, but I've been rewatching the first two seasons on BBC America and that really, really makes me want to go looking for some decent Scully/Mulder fics. (That scene in "Tooms" (1x20) anyone - the one where they're in the car, tailing Tooms and talking about the X-files being shut down? Or that bit in "Little Green Men" (2x1) - where he's giving his notes to his tape recorder about the dead Porto Rican - but it's Scully he's talking to?) And you probably could do an Alelou-style missing moments for each episode - or at least the mytharc ones - if you had enough time. And, boy, I really want to go looking and find someone's done just that. 'Cause I'd never be able to bring myself to write that much for this fandom. The other two, maybe, but not this one.

This is by no means a promise of fics to come, just things I'd like to see that I've thought out. There are also some ST:IX ones, less flushed out, like....
  1. Cupid!Bones/Aether!Jim. Cue 3000+ year long story of their romances
  2. Unstoppable meets ST. No idea how that would work. But would love to see it.
  3. Red meets ST - perhaps Reaper!Bones as Cooper during somepoint in his life? IDK.
  4. Eomer!Bones - not one where they're twins or lookalikes, but where one really is the other. Perhaps Eomer is cursed by a Maia to live forever, or at least until he meets his one true love, add in Tolkein's insistance LotR is a translation of a history, and badabing, badaboom.
And that's it really. Just felt like getting these off my chest. Hopefully it will help with the "FINAO" writing.
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