Notes: Businesses

Businesses: Obviously in this AU there is no Federation or the like, but there are massive multi-national (and supra-national) companies that act very much like the Federation and the Romulan Empire.

"The Federation:"
  1. Tucker Manufacturing, founded in the 1970s by Charles Tucker II. What started as a modest engine maker out of Miami grew into a manufaturing empire after it was taken over by Charles "Trip" Tucker III in 2011. It is now #346 on the Fortune 500 and is headquartered in Cannes, France, presumably for tax purposes. In the 2020s, they were contracted by NASA to build the massive Aries IV rockets that propelled the Orion spacecraft into orbit. Aquarian Aeronautics and DSD Inc are two of its many subsidiaries.
  2. Durandal Security Services, founded in 2011 by T'Pol, is the worlds priemere PMC, headquarted in Paris. Most of it's nearly 5,000 employees are former Navy Seals or members of Delta Force, and what percentage aren't operate the PMC's air and armory divisions. Its main training facility is located in the Gallatin National Forest. Named after Durandal, the sword of Charlemange's Paladin Roland.
  3. Starr Industries, now owned by Richard Barnett, is a veritable shiping magnate. Starr Air, Starr Shipping, Starr Rail, et al are all part of his transportation empire. The company has recently been in the news for building a series of four islands, together almost 500 acres in size, about two hundred miles west of Kiribati - presumabilty to create a resort in the Pacific for one of its cruise lines. Bozeman Marketing is also a subsidiary.
  4. Aquarian Aeronautics, founded in 2018 by Christopher Pike, Scotty, and Spock. An aerospace firm that works on designs for satelites and hypersonic aircraft, Aquarian is a subsidiary of Tucker Manufacturing whose main purpose is to hide the training of astronauts for their mission to the Moon. Its headquarters was in Boston until 2025, when it moved to Iowa City.
  5. Bozeman Marketing, a subsidiary of Starr Industries located in Bozeman, Montana. Its main purpose is to hide the mission control aspect of the mission to the Moon.
"The Romulans:"
  1. Romulus and Sons', a very old, very renowned company based out of Rome and headed by Nero. Currently, it has it's fingers in every major energy corporation the Old World - primarily in Russia and the Middle East - and is generally considered a bigger monopoly than Microsoft ever was, especially as hydrocarbon-based fuel sources dwindle and the solar, hydro, and windo sources it owns become the primary source of energy in Europe and Asia.
  2. Narada, an aerospace based out of Delhi bought by Romulus and Sons' in 2026. Named after the Hindu sage Narada Muni.

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