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So, "Failure is Not An Option" is full of all sorts of little references that only I would really care about (all my stories are; the number of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Dotoveski references in all my stories are quite obscene really). In STaRT, I even went back and looked at the British Top 40 for that week to make sure nothing was achronistic... In "FINAO," though, some of the references are kinda important, or, at least, interesting, so I've decided to compile them here.

People: So, I've tried to stick to TOS for side charectors, but I may, eventually, run out, and slide into ENT or TNG for more.

  1. Christine Chapel, from pretty much every episode as a CAPCOM
  2. Gary Mitchell, from "Where No Man Has Gone Before," as (Navy) pilot of Orion 7 and Orion 10, and commander of Orion15.
  3. Ann Mulhall, from "Return to Tomorrow," who has the dubious honour of being TOS's highest ranking woman (as an Lt Cmdr), as (Navy) Commander of Orion 2 and Orion 6. Now  a rear admiral and COMSPECWAR (Commander Naval Special Warfare Command)  for NAB Coronado.
  4. Garrison, the comm officer in "The Menagerie," as host of The Tonight Show with Adam Garrison
  5. Janice Rand, Kirk's yeoman in season 1, as another CAPCOM
  6. Clark Terrell, captain of the Excelsior in Wrath of Khan, as a mission specialist on Orion 6 (dead)
  7. Robert Tomlinson, from "The Balance of Terror," as a member of ISS Expidition 66 (dead) (Navy, O-2)
  8. J M Colt, from "The Menagerie," as a member of ISS Expidition 66 (dead) (Air Force, O-3)
  9. Elizabeth Dehner, from "Where No Man Has Gone Before," as a mission specialist on Orion 15 (civilian, Ph.D in Orbital Mechanics)
  10. Edith Keller, from "City on the Edge of Forever," as a mission specialist on Orion 15 (Navy, O-3)
  11. Geoffry M'Benga, from several TOS, as a cardiothorasic surgeon at Athens Regional Medical Centre
  12. Barstow, from "Court Martial," as 4-star General in charge of the Air Force Space Command
  13. Bryan Richardson, an OC, as the son of Senator Robert Richardson, and a corporate lawyer. Diagnosed with grade IV glioblastoma in July of '28. Underwent experimental surgury under care of Dr. McCoy and died three days later of a post-op infection. (dead)
  14. Jocelynn Arceneaux, an OC in that she was never named on screen, as the divorce lawyer married to Dr. McCoy from 10 February to 17 October 2028.
  15. Amanda Greyson, from ST:IV, ST:V, ST:IX, and "Journey to Babel," as Spock's mom... still. Born 1968 in the UK; married Sarek, aka Sar'el Elghanian in this verse, in 1991; died in 2007. One child, Spock. Was a teacher in Iran for almost 20 years. (dead)
  16. Nathan Samuel Kirk, an OC, born 24 May, 1887, died 26 July, 1918. Father of Samuel Kirk and the great-great-grandfather of Jim Kirk. Posthumously recieved a Victoria Cross for his efforts in WWI. Based off of Irish flying ace Major Edward "Mick" Mannock. (dead)
  17. Samuel Tiberius Kirk, an OC, born 19 September, 1917, died 7 September, 1940. Father of Tiberius Kirk and great-grandfather of Jim Kirk. Posthumously recieved a Distinguished Flying Cross for his efforts in WWII. Based off of Australian flying ace Flight Lieutanant Paterson Clarence Hughes. (dead)
  18. Tiberius Edward Kirk, mentioned in ST:IX, born 3 December, 1937, died 4 April, 1975. Husband of Sussanah Moore, father of George Kirk Sr and grandfather of Jim Kirk. Posthumously recieved an Air Force Cross for managing to land his plane at all during the Tan Son Nhut C-5 accident.  Based off the Vietnam vetran Captain Douglas "Bud" Traynor. (dead)
  19. Sussanah Moore, an OC, as the wife of Tiberius Kirk, mother of George Kirk Sr, and grandmother of Sam and Jim Kirk. Largely raised her son and grandsons on her own. (dead)
  20. George Samuel Kirk Senior, from ST:IX, born 12 July, 1973, died 1 February, 2003. Joined astronaut corps and married Winona Buchanan in 1995. Father of George Samuel Jr and Jim Kirk. Posthumously awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honour after his death in the Columbia disaster. Based in part on mission commander Colonel Richard Douglas Husband. (dead)
  21. George Samuel "Sam" Kirk Junior, from "Operation - Annihilate!", born 13 March, 1997, died 14 December, 2020. Brother of Jim Kirk. A captain in the air force, he died in Azerbaijan during recon mission. (dead)
  22. Winnona Buchanan Kirk, from ST:IX, as the widow of George Kirk Senior and the mother of Sam and Jim Kirk. A paediatrican and lieutenant colonel in the air force, she is currently stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany.
  23. Carol Marcus, from Wrath of Khan, as Gary Mitchell's stepsister.
Aquarian Aerospace:
  1. Christopher Pike, born 18 March, 1985 in Mojave, California. Joined Air Force in 2002, where he rose to rank of Colonel by the time he retired in 2018. Founded Aquarian Aerospace that same year with Spock and Scotty, where he is now the VP of Operations. Mission Commander for the Aquarian Mission to the Moon (Aquarian 1).
  2. Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, born 30 June, 1997 in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland. Received a Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering from MIT (course 16-1) in 2015 and a PhD in the same by 2020. Worked for Northrop Grumman in hypersonic plane design from '15-'18, after which he went on to co-found Aquarian Aerospace with Pike and Spock, where he is the Cheif Technology Officer. He is the Payload Specalist for Aquarian 1.
  3. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, born 8 September, 1997 in Cecil, Georgia. Recieved his MD from Emory in 2020. Worked for Athens Regional Medical Centre '21-28 as a neurogloist specalizing in brain cancer and the like. Was married to Jocelynn Arceneaux from 10 February to 17 October 2028. Became media sensation (of a sort) after his involvement in the death of Bryan Richardson. Flight Surgeon for Aquarian 1.
  4. Spock, aka Shma'ia Elghanian (son of Sar'el "Sarek" Elghanian and Amanda Greyson), an ethnic Kalimiin this 'verse, born 8 January, 2000 in Shiraz, Iran. Family moved to Pretoria, South Africa in 2007 following Amanda's death. Attended Eton College from '10 to '15, then the University of Oxford, where he recieved his Bachelor's ('17) and PhD ('21) in physics. Co-founded Aquarian Aerospace with Pike and Scotty, where he is now the Assitant VP of Operations. He is the Senior Mission Specialist on Aquarian 1.
  5. Hikaru Sulu, born 12 May, 2000 in Los Angeles, California. Was a naval pilot, rising to the rank of Lieutenant, from '18-'22. Obtained a Bachelor's in Botony from the University of California, Berkeley in '26. Joined Aquarian afterwards (as Senior Test Pilot); the Command Module Pilot for Aquarian 1.
  6. James T Kirk, born 1 February, 2003 in Riverside, Iowa. Graduated Highland High School in December '18. Forged papers to join the air force early in April '19; was part of the 393d Bomb Squadron out of Whiteman Air Force Base until Janurary '21, when he was transfered to the Astronaut Corps. Was pilot on Orion 3 and Orion 6 and commander of Orion 10. Recieved the Congressional Space Medal of Honour for actions during the Triple Six disaster and the NASA Distinguished Service Medal for Orion 10, among other awards. Discharged from service 30 September '25 as a colonel; joined Aquarian Aerospace 15 October that year as Cheif Procurement Officer. Flight Engineer for Aquarian 1.
  7. Nyota Uhura, born 19 April, 2005 in Mombasa, Kenya and, in this 'verse, is ethnically Sunni Muslim. Family moved to Paris, France in 2011. Obtained two Bachelor's from Sorbonne: one in engineering in '23 and another in communications in '24. Joined Aquarian Aerospace in '24 and is a mission specialist on Aquarian 1.
  8. Pavel Chekov, born 9 July, 2011 in Moscow, Russia. Got a dual Bachelors in mechanical and orbital engineering from MIT in '26 and a PhD from the same in aerospace engineering in '28, after which he joined Aquarian Aeronotics; he is a mission specialist on Aquarian 1.

The Stockholders:

  1. Charles "Trip" Tucker III, from ENT, as CEO of Tucker Manufacturing, a Fortune 500 company (at a healthy #346), and a member of the boards of both Thales Alenia and Lockhead Martin. He is the major Stockholder in Aquarian Aeronautics and it's sister companies, with 39% control of the company. His "Failure" background is that he was born in 1975 in Florida, joined the Air Force inn 1993 (where he reventually rose to the rank of colonel). His sister Elizabeth was killed in the 9/11 attacks. He married T'Pol in 2003 and they have two kids: Charles IV (born 2008) and Elizabeth (born 2011). He retired from military service in 2011, upon his father's death, to take over his father's company.
  2. T'Pol, also from ENT, as founder and president of Durandal Security Services, one of the most successful private security companies in the world. As such, she is the second major Stockholder in Aquarian, with 22% control. In this 'verse, her name is Tal al-Polana (daughter of Sadiq al-Polana and Tzruya Elghanian), which American collegues shortened to T'Pol, and she is ethnically Kalimi. She was born in Shiraz, Iran in 1970, moved with her mother to Israel in 1978, and joined the Israel Defense Forces in 1988. In 1997, as an aluf mishne, she was made a liason to American forces in the region, where she met Trip. After Trip's sister was killed, she defected to the US, where she joined the Air Force, being comissioned a colonel and remaining as such until she retired in 2011, upon which she founded Durandal.
  3. Richard Barnett, from ST:IX, as the CEO of Starr Industries. He is the third major Stockholder, with 13% control of the company, and is also on the board of Northrop Grumman.
  4. Maxwell Forest, from ENT, as the President of Aether Aeronautics. He is the last major Stockholder, with 8% control of the company, and is a former 2-star General in the Royal Air Force.
The Baddies:
  1. Nero, from ST:IX, as CEO of the Italian energy conglomerate Romulus and Sons'. His given name in this 'verse is Sigismondo Lombardi, but he was given the nickname Nero, after the Roman emperor as he's the type of guy to blithely order killings and fiddle while Rome burns.
  2. Boian Ayel, from ST:IX, as the ultra-conservative senior Senator from Utah. Chairman of the Senate's Committee on Comerce, Science, and Transportation. Close friend of Nero's.
  3. Robert Richardson, father of Bryan Richardson and ultra-conservative senior Senator from Georgia. Chairman of the Senate's Committe on Energy and Natural Resources. Friend of Ayel's.

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