An American Werewolf in Idaho

So, it turns out my friend Forever Without Him wrote a book. It's called An American Werewolf in Idaho and is available for Kindle at Amazon. Not read it yet, but I'll be sure to let you know what I think of it when I do.

Anyway, I know FWH from my Twilight days - another mad Blackwater fic-writer. She wrote "Leah's Sunrise," which I reviewd so obessively that it compelled her to write a sex-ed Sue oneshot I can't find the link to at the moment, and a Leah/Embry fic, "The Dawn Was Already Broken," that I didn't mind so much, despite the fact I am, well, a mad Blackwater shiper. Worth the reads though.

And, since it seems I feel compelled to spell fic "fick" today, (I've had to correct myself like 8 times already in this one post), I should probably leave it at that.
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