A little bit of Paul, a little bit of Other

In my own little bit of excitement, after having been #144 on Facebook's Virtual Bookshelf app for the last 9 months or so, I am now at #132. This shouldn't excite me as much as it does.

Also in real life news, I've finally finished A Man on the Moon by Andrew Chaikins, which is a really lovely history of the Apollo missions. (And, let me tell you, I always tear up at retellings of Apollo 11 and 13, but, with this one, I was sitting in a back booth in Panera, listening to Beethoven's "Symphany No. 7 in A Major, Op. 92: II Allegretto" when I got to the part on Apollo 13, and I swear it was all I could do to keep from outright bawling right there in the resturant.

Oh, and my birthday was on Friday, and Mom and brother and I went to see Paul. It was real good - hillarious, irreverent, and filled with all sorts of SyFy references only thre true geek could find - and I'm still surprised that people in my lovely Bible-belt state didn't start throwing popcorn at the screen during the bits where the ultra-Christian RV Park girl gets schooled on evolution by Paul, Earth's lovely resident alien. All that being said, I really did like the movie, but, after spending the weekend thinking about it, I really have no strong impressions about it that make it worth sharing. I mean, if you liked Shawn of the Dead or really anything thing else with Simon Pegg in it, yeah, go ahead and see it, but, if you didn't like the first, you'll not like Paul, gaurented. Though, god, you can tell they got more funding this time around, though whether that's because of the success of their other films or because American audiences know Pegg, at least, from Star Trek now, idk.

Le sigh.

And I'm listening to Pat Benatar's Best Shots album, and I really don't know why. I blame Lego Rockband.
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