This is what happens when you Google yourself

So, after a nice long time lazing/napping in the sun, I got tired of just laying there and, rather than doing anythign important (or more reading), I googled myself on my iPod.

Well, techincally not myself, but my nomme de plume or whatever you call your online avatar/handle, but still. I got five pages. It made me happy. Found some stuff I'd forgotten about and will promptly try to remove (nothing bad, just nothing I want up anymore), and some rec's for my fic that I didn't know about.

Among the findings:

Google asking me if I meant aadarshini, which is a Hindu girl's name meaning idealistic. While the name aadarshinah does, at some point, have it's history in that, that is not where I got my penname from. Rather, for an original story series I started in junior year and will one day edit to my hearts content enough to post here, I created my own language. Went rather overboard on it actually. Anyway, the name aadarshinah is the nominal form of the verb aadarshinas meaning to hide, conceal, twist, confuse, or obscure and the related noun aadarshe, meaning facade, and the adjective aadarshinayrd, meaning hiden or unknown. But, as I got a lot of the starting words from random names in a now 25 year old and completely distroyed baby name book, it probably all goes back to the same thing.

Lots of me over at and Triaxian Silk...

And then there are the rec's... one from the offical ME forum for my unfinished fem!Shep/Kaidan fic (which I will, one day, finish. Hopefully before ME3 comes out)... one from, good god, The Perv Pack's Smut Shack for my Blackwater series (which I find surprising, as I tend to be a fan of the good ol' fade-to-black in my stories, and, as such, there's very little smut, but any rec is a rec)... Oh, and of course syredronning lovely little rec that seems to have brought most of you over to read FINAO... which needs a cooler nickname than that. Thoughts on that are appreciated... There are also some of my reveiws for stories, random swallow-me-whole, dead-end links, and a couple listings in the Star Trek Fandom Newsletter (which is kinda cool, 'specially as I'd no idea it existed).

But that's about it. Oh well. Still, it was illuminating...
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