It's convertable weather folks

If only I had a convertable. I swear, it's like perfect weather outside - not too hot, not too cool, gentle breeze, clear skies... and the Bradford pears and cherry trees are blooming. For the first time since October this state looks actually pretty, and not like some yellow-brown-drab green dead thing.

Which of course means I've been at the movies. Not today, but Friday I saw The King's Speech and yesterday I saw Unknown.

Now, don't get me wrong. I really enjoyed The King's Speech. It was different, fresh, and quite interesting. No idea why it was rated R (some cursing and a brief clip of Hitler?), but good. Don't think it deserved all the awards it got (Inception, in my opinion, was about eight times better, despite being wildly popular. That movie was just a wild ride, completely different from anything else that's come out in recent memory - even The Matrix, which it only has a superficial resemblance to) but it's still a wonderful movie. I'd watch it again if it was on TV.

Unknown was interesting in that I couldn't guess the end from the begining. (It was PG-13 btw, had no swearing, but it had an awful lot of car chases, fist fights, bombs, on-screen deaths, and the like.) It was slow in places, and you knew from the moment the cab driver showed up again that the main charector's wife was going to die so they (the main charector and the cabbie) could be together without any adultery issues that might have uped the rating (btw, did I mention there's memories of sex scenes and one heard-but-not-seen sex scene? How did this get a PG-13? Is there a PG-16 out there I can give it?), but it was interesting cinamatically. I'd never watch it again, mostly because all the interest in it was not knowing what was going to happen next. Even my brother, a huge Liam Neelson fan, doesn't want the DVD when it comes out.

As for the preveiws, Thor I fully intend to see because Thor is whatshisname? Chris Hemsworth, aka George Kirk of ST:IX fame is in it, as is Natalie Portman. I know she's a good actress, the Star Trek/Star Wars meeting-of-the-actors in it amuses me, and the story looks vaugely interesting, in the same way the first Spiderman was vaugely interesting. I think I'll see it.

The other movie they've been advertising non-stop, Limitless, strikes me as the stupidest thing ever. Like they took the melange straight out of Frank Herbert's Dune and threw it into Wall Stree. Will NOT be seeing that.

During the preveiws, I also saw three adverts for sodas (Mt. Dew, Sprite, and Coke respectively) and a car comercial. Which says something, it really does.

Anyway, I spent all morning hiding out in the Panera the next town over to avoid my sister, and now she's gone again, so I think I'll go out on the back portch and read A Man on the Moon some more. Or just laze.
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