This is about a week late...

But I was asked to do a a guest rec over at Phase Fics for my good friend Luci-Marlena's "The Rules of the Relationship," which was part of our massive War of the Onesies back in the fall of '09. Now, I've been out of the Twilight fandom for almost a year - there is, after all, only so much you can satirise before you start to get repeative - but I went ahead and did this, even though I've not heard from Luci since her surgury last July....

Now, I don't know really anything about Phase Fics, other than it seems to be a werewolf-centric collection of Twilight fics, from the canon ships to my own beloved Leah/Jake to slash and whatever else there is, so long as the La Push wolves play some central part of it. Oh, they also seem to be on as a C2, but, at a quick glance, I've only read one or two of the fics rec'd, and none of mine are on it, but... le sigh.

Anyhow, here's the link for their Weekly Rec - 2/28/2011.
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