ENT Marathon

Don't get me wrong, I love Star Trek. When I was four and had been nursed on a TV diet that (to the best of my knowledge) consisted solely of TNG, I once rescited the entired "These are the voyages..." speech. When someone asked me for the pledge of allegence.

I watched reruns of DS9 during summers during the Salem years (and haven't seen it on TV since), and have been watching VOY via Netflix since last May (and have only 3 discs left before finishing the 7th and final season). I own season 1 of TOS on iTunes (and have been stalled at "The Gaileo Seven" for a while now), the first 5 seasons of DS9. and most of season 4 of ENT.

And it was a season 4 marathon on BBC today.

Still, season 4 contains some of my favourite episodes. And my most hated. Often they are one in the same. It's like no one could figure out what they wanted with the season, and so things just kinda happened without the rest of the team being informed. I mean, the ideas behind the Augment, Klingon, and Romulan arcs were great. "Demons" and "Terra Prime" were amazing on so many levels (the future isn't perfect, terrorism, racisim, love, etc).... but the end of "Home" was an epic heart-fail, and don't even get me started on "These are the Voyages."

Which I guess was why I didn't watch much the marathon at all, and certainly not in whole episodes. I'll have to write a treatsie one day on all the things ENT got right and the many more it got wrong. But, god... it has me longing for good SyFy again. Or a new ST. I doubt there's a chance they'll turn ST:IX into a TV series, but, then again, I did find the serial parts of every series quite trying (quite why I like DS9 - the consequences of things are there, rather than the fly-off-into-the-sunset of TOS and TNG - and early seasons of ENT and DS9, and VOY on-and-off).

Le sigh. I should probably have waited to write this until I could form something intelligent. But oh well.

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