Bottle Shock commentary

So, I mentioned earlier that while reveiwing The Price of Milk I'd a sudden desire to see Chris Pine with long hair again - so it was time to pull out Bottle Shock. Now, admittedly, the first time I watched it I was a little more stunned by the long hair than I was with anything else (though the wide cast of famous charectors - Alan Rickman as British wine snob Steven Spurrier, Eliza Dushku as a bartender, Dennis Farina a la Law and Order as Rickman's American friend, and a couple other people who are apparently well known actors that I've never heard of - the guy who placed Pine's dad, Bill Pullman, was apparently in Sleepless in Seattle.)

So, what does all this mean, beyond the fact that you can now play six-degrees of seperation - Star Trek to Harry Potter, The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Galaxy Quest, amongst others, thru Rickman; to Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse thru Dushku; to Tom Hanks and thus to Apollo 13 thru Pullman; and to everyone else in the world through Farina, - for the story?

Well, for one it makes a lot more sense than The Price of Milk. It's hardly what I would call indie, like the former, but it's pretty good. There are some annoying bits to the plot obviously designed to hook a wider audience - the "love triangle" that appears out of nowhere (ie, I never saw any sparks between the girl and the best friend until they got drunk) - as was it's resolution, as was the girl's heart surgery, what with it coming out of left field and all, but, on the whole, I loved it. Though I'm a little lost as to the family dynamics of the Barrett family. I think the parents are split (presumably over the wine issue) and the mom married the dad's former boss... but I'm not sure. That needs clarity. Other than that, though, all postives:

One, the hillarious hair, though, again, I could take it seriously this second time around. Two, amazing actors, doing wonders with not-the-best dialogue. Three, an underdog story (always popular). Four, the dry British sense of humour. Five... well, it was pretty amazing, as far as these types of movies go.

That being said, I probably wouldn't have watched it if not for Chris Pine being in it, but he kinda makes the movie. He's playing another of those going-nowhere,-not-living-up-to-his-potential charecters-who-eventually-see-the-folly-of-their-ways-and-save-the-day that I he won't be typecast in, as he was similiar in both Star Trek and Unstoppable - though, again, he was great in both. Frankly, I can't think of another actor off the type my head who I can still like, even when he's playing a going-nowhere-loser. Maybe because his charecters always seem over educated and under employed and therefore have a complexity otherwise lacking in most of those types.

Anyway, I liked. Won't watch it nearly as often as I have Star Trek, but I did like it enough to purchase the DVD so I can watch the commentary point. It has, of course, been hidden in my sock drawer so no one knows I ordered from Amazon special with the Xmas stuff... 'cause I'm not willing to admit I've gone fangirl that much just quite yet.
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