"Shattered" -- The Episode That Could Have Been

So, I've been rewatching Voyager for months now, and this weekend finished disc 3 of season 7. And, I got to tell you, I loved the episode "Shattered" (7x10). Now, usually I dislike the Chakotay ones - they're usually overly spiratual or involve Seska (and, okay, so did this one), who is like the most annoying villian in the series. At least, as far as reoccuring villans go. She had potential... but that's not what this is about.

This is about how, if there had to be a Janeway/Chakotay ship, this was the episode for it.

Thing is, I really hated the New Earth episode, "Resolutions" (2x21). That was just riddiculous. But the thing is, I really don't like seeing Janeway with anyone else - Kashyk in "Counterpoint" (5x10) was, of course evil, if interesting, and Michael from "Fair Haven" (6x11) was, of course, a hologram, which was just creepy. Especially as he reappeared in several other episodes. Shudder - and I don't like seeing Chakotay with anyone else either - I just didn't see the attraction with Seksa or Kellin, from "Unforgettable" (4x22), and, the more I think about the 7of9 romance, the less I like it. Though I have to admire the writers for holding off as many seasons as they did before creating any romances for the captain and first officer in this series. Riker's romantic interests page on Memory Alpha is like 2 pages long....

Anyway, I've kinda been a fan of J/C since "Hunters" (4x15). It all boils down to this snippit (taken from Chrissie's Transcripts):

CHAKOTAY: You know, you drink too much of that stuff.
JANEWAY: Really?
CHAKOTAY: If I'm not mistaken that's your third cup this morning.
JANEWAY: Fourth. And on a day like today it won't be my last. Coffee - the finest organic suspension ever devised. It's got me through the worst of the last three years. I beat the Borg with it. Oh, I'm sure Voyager will be fine, but I'm worried that the crew might be a different story. I think they were hoping mail call would become a regular part of their day.
CHAKOTAY: Neelix is putting together an impromptu party. He thought it might cheer them up.
JANEWAY: Good idea. When will it be?
CHAKOTAY: As soon as he can get people together.
JANEWAY: Leave it to Neelix to come up with the right idea at the right time.
CHAKOTAY: How are you doing?
JANEWAY: Me? I'm fine.
CHAKOTAY: You'd say that if you'd just had your legs torn off by a Trakan Beast. Look what you've been through in the last few days. We finally make a connection with home and then it's ripped away from us. We manage to make another enemy who's going to try and hunt us down and destroy us, and on top of that
JANEWAY: It's all right. You can say it. On top of all that, I got a Dear John letter. It wasn't really a surprise. I guess I didn't really expect him to wait for me considering the circumstances. It made me realise that I was using him as a safety net, you know, as a way to avoid becoming involved with someone else.
CHAKOTAY: You don't have that safety net anymore.
JANEWAY: That's right. Then again, my life is far from uneventful here in the Delta quadrant. It's not like I would have had a chance to pursue a relationship even if I had realised I was alone.
CHAKOTAY: You're hardly alone, and to my way of thinking, there's still plenty of time.
JANEWAY: Plenty of time.

Now, if that doesn't sound like a solid start (Trek-wise at least) for a romantic relationship, IDK what is. Note their (almost domestic) dinners that occur fairly regularly from this point on.

But on to "Shattered":

CHAKOTAY: Deck eleven.
JANEWAY: I can't let this happen, not again.
CHAKOTAY: What are you talking about?
JANEWAY: Voyager getting stranded. All these deaths, this entire future, it's my fault. I've got to do something to change it.
CHAKOTAY: What do you have in mind?
JANEWAY: Maybe we can find a way to modify Seven of Nine's plan. Put Voyager into temporal sync with my time frame.
CHAKOTAY: Captain.
JANEWAY: Now that I know what to expect, I could avoid getting trapped in the Delta quadrant in the first place.
CHAKOTAY: Halt turbolift. Seven's plan is dangerous enough. Trying to alter it is too risky.
JANEWAY: It's worth the risk.
CHAKOTAY: If Seven's idea works, Tuvok and those other crewman will be fine.
JANEWAY: They'll still be stuck in the Delta quadrant. If the temporal anomaly doesn't kill them, something else will. The Borg, telepathic pitcher plants, macroviruses. The Delta quadrant is a death-trap.
CHAKOTAY: What about the Temporal Prime Directive?
JANEWAY: To hell with it.
CHAKOTAY: With all due respect, it's a little presumptuous to think you have the right to change everyone's future.
JANEWAY: From what I've seen, they'll thank me.
CHAKOTAY: All you've seen are bits and pieces. You're not getting the whole picture.
JANEWAY: Really? Just what am I missing?
CHAKOTAY: It's not what, it's who. People like Seven of Nine, a Borg Drone who'll become a member of this crew after you help her recover her humanity, or Tom Paris, a former convict who'll be our pilot, chief medic, and husband to B'Elanna Torres.
JANEWAY: That angry woman I just met?
CHAKOTAY: She's going to be your Chief Engineer. Two crews, Maquis and Starfleet, are going to become one and they'll make as big a mark on the Delta Quadrant as it'll make on them by protecting people like the Ocampans, curing diseases, encouraging peace. Children like Naomi and Icheb are going to grow up on this ship and call it home, and we'll all be following a Captain who sets a course for Earth and never stops believing that we'll get there.
JANEWAY: Are you going to be lecturing me like this for the next seven years?
CHAKOTAY: Don't worry, you'll always get the last word.
JANEWAY: In that case, let's get back to work.

And then...:

JANEWAY: Mind if I ask you one last question?
CHAKOTAY: Will I have to break the Temporal Prime Directive to answer it?
JANEWAY: Maybe, just a little. For two people who started off as enemies it seems we get to know each other pretty well, so I've been wondering. Just how close do we get?
CHAKOTAY: Let's just say there are some barriers we never cross.

Now, if a then-engaged, 7yrs-in-the-past Janeway can see the UST between them, that says something, doesn't? If this was a fan fiction... on, the things I'd have inserted at this part... I understand in some of the VOY relaunch books they do get together (Memory Alpha tells me that they're Full Circle and an alt-universe book, Places of Exile), so...

Le sigh. I have issues, I know.
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