In keeping with my  "Let's update more frequently so people don't wonder if I'm dead" policy, here I am, just over one month after my last post.

Mostly things have been okay. Work has been a little on the crazy side. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but the software I'm working on is supposed to demo on Monday and between the guy whose working with me on it taking vacation this week and some Python package installation problems that would have been solved in seconds if we could connect the computer to the internet. So, yeah, that made this week a little more frazzled than it needed to be, but whatever, I got it all done, and everyone was impressed that I managed to do it in a normal workweek without overtime.

Also, my parents have been visiting this week. And staying in my apartment. Granted, it's nice having them here to make dinner and do my laundry while I'm at work and such, but because of how my apartment is styled there's limited places to hide from them and have some me time. And since we're all raging introverts of the highest degree (remember, dad chose their house based on how far away it was from people and how hard it is to get to), it has led to some tensions. Mostly it's been okay during the week 'cause I have work and so am not around them all day, but the weekend was tough.

Although they did show up at my apartment at 5am last Saturday. Instead of noon, like they said they would. Granted this was not entirely their fault, apparently they couldn't find a hotel for 500 miles, but still. That was... annoying. Somehow expected, because my dad is involved, but annoying.

They go home today, which is good. I need to destress some before work and my usual ways of doing that are impossible with them here purely because there are too many people around. That, and they keep moving things. And cleaning things. And asking me questions I've already answered. And telling me things I've already heard three times this weekend. I for one am looking forward to some quality Mass Effect playing.

Other than that, my life has mostluy been the usual. Been trying to write. Had some luck with it, but of course the next section has proven difficult, mostly because writing time has been greatly reduced by parents and work, and because I can't decide exactly how I want to do anything.... And the fact that when I type on my computer dad looks at me weird like "how are you typing so fast? what are you typing?" or mom starts asking about my story which is just weird.

Mostly I just need me time. Seriously. But no major blow ups and dad never really critized my living space in my hearing, so I can live with that. Though I was prepared for a major drop down drag out fight, because that's usually how things go with my father if we're living in the same space for long enough. But I guess he's polite enough not to do that when he's staying in my apartment for a week.

Sigh. I hope everyone reading this is well. I've not really been keeping up with lj. And have given up tumblr because it was too much of a time suck. I don't know why I sometimes retreat from nearly all of the things I once enjoyed, but I'm slowly getting out there again, and I'm still on AO3 all the time (latest reading trends: rereading some DS9 stuff, and going through the new Shadowhunters stuff, which continues to be of a quality almost 25x better than the books the show is based off of) so we'll see what happens.


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Having your own place has some advantages, like your parents won't be there forever :) Have fun destressing! I haven't played Mass Effects, but I've heard so many good things about it (well, the latest seems to have some issues, but otherwise) that I want to try it at some point. Maybe some day in the future when my essays are done. But first the SGARB story, which is already late...

Glad to hear some writing is happening despite the distractions. Hope you get to do more soon :) And retreating is something that happens to me too, it's not always easy to find the energy to post on top of all RL things. But I have a comm to run with melagan, and I chat with her on hangouts almost every weekend, often popkin too, so my connection to the fandom is alive and well in that regard :)

Speaking of which, going to call melagan soon so have to go. Wishing you all the best, love and hugs! ^_^
Thanks bb. Mass Effect is wonderful, although the new one has a slightly different feel (and tone) than the originals. I highly recommend them. The voice actor who played my favorite character in the originals was also my favorite voice actor in KOTOR, so I think it's safe to say my "relationship" with him is one of the longest and most fulfilling I've ever had....

The parents are finally gone, and while I do like having people around occasionally, it was definitely too much after a while. I just hope I can find the energy to write here soon. I might have used it all getting plants for my porch (I have a screened in porch! Only the kitchen rates higher in my heart). Oh well, it looks pretty, and between the other furniture I got my parents to be at my place so it could get delivered while I'm at work, my place is finally looking like an Actual Adult (tm) lives here.

Anyway, I'm glad you're well. TTFN
At least things were peaceful... sounds like that's a bonus... although I do also love having company and love them even more when they leave...

And agree totally about Shadowhunters... the show is okay, I guess, since I bought the first series of books and just can't read them... I finally realized that the books are more of a Mary Sue than I thought they could be for something that's as popular as they are... (although I can't explain 50 Shades, either ;-)... so I read the fan fiction and watch the show (more for the pretty than anything else) and ignore the books completely.

Good to hear from you!

::hugs you quickly and leaves::