Not Dead

I have no excuses.

I really don't intend to do this - this being drop off the face of the earth, stop doing things I'd formerly enjoyed so much, and just basically slip out of people's lives more easily than I ever entered. It happens though, more than I care to admit. I could say something about being an army brat and fleeting connections and all that, but I won't. Fact is it's a symptom of depression and, however successfully medicated I may be, it's never just going to go away.

So yeah. That's that.

Things have changed a lot since I last updated - but things tend to do that in half a year. In October I went to the amazing Grace Hopper Conference in Houston, and on the second day I was finishing up and walking by a booth on my way out when I stopped because there were these weird little boxes on it. I got to talking with the person working it, had an interview with the company she representitive 20 minutes later, had an invitation to fly down to FL for a formal interview the next week, and, yeah. So long story short is, through a series of random events I now have a really nice job in FL, and am making several times more than I was, and all in all things are looking up.

Except for the whole feeling down all this weekend part. I mean, it's probably hormones, and the fact that work, for all I like it, was a little slow this week (I'm making an auto-configuration file for a program that the company is working on, and now know more about RF than I ever dreamed there was to know), and the fact that the only one I honestly know down here is me. I talk to a couple of my coworkers from time to time, but am mostly left alone, as I like it, but even I must admit humans are social creatures and some socialization is probably a good idea.

But that's mostly it, really, for all that's been going on. I've relocated 1000 miles away, bought a washer and dryer, and will probably die in the heat if the humidity doesn't kill me (case it point, it was 87 yesterday while back at my parents' house it was snowing). I'm trying to work on a Director's Cut for AJ, mostly because I hate how I left it unfinished but also because my attempts at working on my original stuff were stalled because I'm a self-critical mess at the best of times and with AJ I at least have some level of comfort with my critcality. (Case in point for this, I now have a 6' by 8' cork board in my loft that I'm slowly but surely putting my timeline for AJ on. I've gotten up to the Battle of Asuras and not run out of string yet, but I have to work on getting everything that comes after in order. I still have 10' of history to cover. Which is surprising when you start 1 billion years ago and cross reference every event in Stargate histroy with geological, evolutionary, and pre-history earth timelines. For instance, Seth started hiding on Earth just about when human beings made it to the bottom of South America. The Replicators were invented just after the 2nd Punic War. The Darkara Superwepon was made about the same time as the  Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum, one of the larger extinction events.)

But yeah. I'm alive. Much better most days than I am today, but something popkin16 said made me think it was worth the effort, if only to get out of my head for a little while. I'm not sure how well its helped with that, but I am trying. Sigh.


So good to hear from you at all! And that you have (kinda) landed on your feet is good!

And... we're here, you know. You don't have to do a lot, but drop an occasional note and we'll be available to chat...

Sounds like you have your work cut out for you for AJ... one step at a time...

::smishes you::
I think relocating 1000 miles away and starting a new life for yourself is the best thing you could have done. Kudos to you--that's awesome.
I had forgotten that when you do something, you don't do it halfway. A timeline of everything Stargate ever, as it fits with AJ verse...damn, girl!
I'm so happy to hear from you again! *HUGS*

Congratulations on the new job, I'm so glad you're enjoying it, and it never hurts to get a bigger pay check too :) Hope you adjust to the climate soon heat plus humidity is a tough combo!

It's good to hear you're still being creative, even if being critical sometimes gets in the way. But I totally get that since I'm the same, though you're way more thorough about things than I could ever be :) I've been trying to do original work lately, but there's stuff going on in RL that's standing in the way (namely several essays that I need to finish this year...) I'm looking forward to being able to really focus on doing something of my own. I want to try and do science fiction M/M! ^_^ Not the really hardcore sf, but enough to be credible. The bf has promised to help with all the science :D

And don't worry about how often you post, we're just happy to hear you're still there, and all is at least relatively well. Wishing you all the best for the future, lots of love and hugs!