DS9 S1 Episode Ranking

Oh, Deep Space Nine. Your first season was frought with pain - and some good episodes too. While I prefer the seasons where Sisko's hair has migrated south, there is nothing overall wrong with S1. There are some terribly bad episodes, including one that I'm sure will make it all the way to the bottom of the master post, but for the most part there's nothing that makes me cringe, even 20+ years later.

  1. In The Hands of the Prophets: s1e20, introducing the love-to-hate future-Kai Winn, and summing up the accomplishments of the season far better than Archer ever managed.

  2. Emissary: s1e1/2, with one of the more fasinating philosophical dicussions to occur in the early seasons between Sisko and the Prophets.

  3. Past Prologue: s1e3, introducing one of my all time favourite characters, Garak, and setting the series' otp sail.

  4. The Foresaken: s1e17, Lwaxana comes to the station, and you've got to adore how utterly herself she is, and how she ends up forming a wonderful friendship (of sorts) with Odo.

  5. Duet: s1e19, Cardassian war crimes versus Bajoran residual anger versus black-and-white good-versus-evil morality. One of those episodes that really makes you think.

  6. Battle Lines: s1e13, Kira alone makes this episode - though again the moral quandary at the heart of it all makes for a wonderfully enjoyable episode.

  7. Progress: s1e15, Kira has to weigh her responsibilies as an officer against her natural tendency to support the underdog. Well done, though could've used some more B-plot.

  8. Dramatis Personae: s1e18, an amazingly well acted "alien tech made them do it" episode, with Odo as the reluctant hero

  9. Captive Persuit: s1e6, I love the relationship that grows between the alien and O'Brian, but really, the plot feels somewhat contrived.

  10. Vortex: s1e12, True Neutral Odo has to deal with his first crisis of conscience.

  11. Babel: s1e5, a typical "alien virius" episode, made interesting by Bashir's gawkiness and Odo and Quark's wonderfully atypical friendship

  12. A Man Alone: s1e4, Mostly background on Odo and the Occupation, but fairly well handled.

  13. Dax: s1e8, I consider this the "cutoff" line between the good and dross in DS9. Interesting plot, somewhat plodding follow through.

  14. If Wishes Were Horses: s1e16, Rumpelstiltskien, enough said.

  15. The Passenger: s1e9, Bashir's body gets taken over by a serial killer. A cookie cutter ST "mental rape" episode. *shudder*

  16. The Storyteller: s1e14, a slightly better version of "The Nagus" with O'Brian in Quark's position.

  17. The Nagus: s1e11, a Ferangi episode only made interesting by the mention of Ferangi burial traditions and a Nog B-plot.

  18. Q-Less: s1e7, Sisko punches Q to show how not!Picard he is, with series appropriate questional clothing choices.

  19. Move Along Home: s1e10, easily the worst DS9 episode ever made for many reasons, but particularly these 26 seconds. *cringe*