Backstreet's back.... or something like that.

I'm sorry I've been AWOL for the last... well, 6 months. But a lot has happened.

I honestly don't know why I stopped posting. I think it has something to do with the worstening of my depression shortly after my last update. I honestly don't know how I got out of bed for most of feburary thru most of april. I don't know what caused this particular depressive episode, but whatever it was, I hope it doesn't happen again. 'Cause it was a bad one.

I spent most of March bingewatching Criminal Minds - its a little riddiculous, but I enjoyed it. I'm utterly in love with Reid in a "I want to wrap you in bubble wrap and take care of you forever" sort of way, and have been reading some Mogan/Reid fics. Okay, all the fics, but that's just my natural obsessive tendencies coming through.

Also watched Shadowhunters, which is even more riddiculous, and the only thing that made it veiwable was the Malec, which I've fallen irrationally hard for. I even read All of The Mortal Instruments because of it. And everything else Cassandra Claire has written. It was painful and I liveblogged the whole terrible experience on tumblr if anyone's interested. Just let me say I have no idea how she became a big deal in the fanfic world if these books are in anyway indicitive of her writing.

Been rewatching DS9 with popkin16 - and ranking as I go. We just finished S1, so I'll post my episode ranking at some point. After I update all my fanfic rec lists and such. I adore Bashir/Garak and am happy to finially find some fics for it.

Been trying to write. Not much luck yet, but I've an Ancient!John/Criminal Minds fic knocking around my brain.

Also, brand new job - I'm working tech support at this company my mom also happens to work at (3 cubicles down). We're in slightly different departments, but it's nice seeing her almost every day and the work is interesting, for the most part. Certainly not dull, though occasionally a customer gets on every last nerve. I'll have been there a month tomorrow.

My hair's back to my normal color, which is sad, but I'm glad I did it our else it would have made my 10 year HS reunion even more ackward than it was. On one hand, I love my HS, but on the other I forgot how intense it could get. There were people there from the class of 1946 on up (in 5 year incriments). This year's alumna donation was 900 thousand dollars. Bear in mind that the class size for these years averages at about 40. So that's a lot.

Also, I'm taking a break from grad school for the next two semesters, for reasons I really don't want to get into now. Let's just say that 1) I got tired of being the token female 2) I got tired of being dismissed for not fitting their ideal version of token female and 3) I really, really hate people who don't do what they say they're going to do. Anyway, I may go back, I may not, but right now life is mostly okay. I like the job, I'm making good money, and I have a plan.

That's about it really. Things are crazy (my family spent 3 weeks trying to find the perfect theme song for the inevitable sitcom about our lives) as always, but okay for now. So yeah, I'm back.

Happy to see you back, and happy to hear things are at least okay *HUGS* Hope they keep getting better!