Operation Windy City

So OPERATION WINDY CITY, as it has been dubbed, is going well.

The only speedbump is that my seminar teacher was mentioning how law school is a good post-master's direction for tech students, as patent law requires knowledge of tech that very few laywers have without said background. It sounds right up my alley, with lots of research and whatnot, but IDK if I can handle law school - I say, considering a phd program. I might look into the application requirements. Maybe I'll end up applying to both programs, see what I get in, and make my choice then. IDK. I'm probably crazy.

Crazy being the operative word. I spent 6/7 hours yesterday working on my DLX Assembler for my Computer Architecture class. It's maybe 2/3rds done. Over 1000 lines of code though. And Advanced Theory is going well, though proofs are the devil - again, I say, having narrowed now my thesis topic to investigating broadcast chromatic numbers in bounded trees. God knows how many lines of code - and how many proofs - that's going to require. But it interests me, so....

But let's see, what else? The Guy has done nothing yet, nor said anything, so I'm hoping this is indicative of the rest of our schooling together. I'm actually enjoying myself, though I've almost no free time. Which is okay, but exausting. I did have a nice time at my professor's house last night - this is like the third time he's invited me over for dinner with his family and its always interesting discussion - though I'm vaguely certain it's with the intention of trying to convert me. Not like, militantly, but sharing his ideas and having discussions and see if that awakens any religious feelings in me. Very polite, the whole thing. It'd be more irritating if he wasn't such a decent guy who really beleves in what he's saying and leaves it entirely seperate from the classroom/the university all together. This is my fourth semester knowing him and I didn't have a clue he was religious at all until the first time I ate at his house.

My hair is also dark blue now (yes, I take riddiculous pictures), in part because I'm battling financial aid and it's cheaper to do it myself. But I think I've got that sorted out now. I think. I hope. My assistantship is still up in the air, because the professor hasn't actually told me when I'm starting or where I'm going or anything like that, except that it'll be on Monday and Wendsday afternoons.

But yeah. That's me. I could go on about my continuing Hannibal obsession, but I'm hungry, so I won't.

Yay, update! I like the picture. I've been thinking lately about getting my nose pierced.

I am so, so glad you're enjoying yourself :) Whether you choose to continue or go with the patent law, I'll support you :D I just want you to be happyyy.
Oooh, that would be cool. I've always wanted one, and then I get practical wondering how it would work if I got a cold or something. So I never have.

:D thanks bb. I just have to decide what I want to do. I imagine I would enjoy patent law, but IDK if I would enjoy law school enough to get there. Which is my major reason for thinking I won't go that route at the moment. But it's definitely something to consider. U of Michigan has a nice Law School....
I figure you can just take the piercing out while you have a cold, then once it's gone put it back in. Unless you're talking about during the healing period, and then I guess you just...do the best you can.

You're very welcome! I imagine law school would be boring and difficult, but you never know. Not liking the road to get to the destination is a valid reason to not go that route, anyway
True, but still. I worry. It seems a way of getting infected fast, unless you're one of those miracle people who never gets colds.... Either way, I suggest holding off until cold season is over?

My biggest problem with Chapel Hill was that it was too big and impersonal and my major was very cutthroat. But It's been almost a decade since then, and I am a different person. I have my depression under control and am doing fairly well, as opposed to the walking migraine I was for that whole year.

My biggest worry with law school is that it'll mess up the equilibrium I've found now. In researching the application process, I'm fairly certain I can get a high enough LSAT to get into most any law school (excepting those like Harvard, etc) and, provided I get only A's and B's in my master's program, will have the grades to get there. So I could probably get in. But would I be able to handle the stress?

I still like the PhD program idea, but there is admittedly the concern that I'd probably only be able to be a professor/teacher of some kind. I don't mind this, but it does limit the options somewhat... And who knows how good a teacher I'd be?

I do like arguing though, so that's a point in law's favor....

*sigh* IDK bb. I'm fairly certain I'll end up applying to both and seeing what happens. I'll just have to take the LSTAT over the summer or in early october. *sigh*
Yeah, I probably have to anyway, because of money reasons. What with the move :P

I definitely don't want your equilibrium to be disrupted. You've worked hard to get where you are and you deserve so much, I want you to be happy.

You'll figure something out :)
Well, I'm taking the LSAT in June, so we'll see what happens.

**throws hands in the air in textbook definition of releasing responsibility for what happens next. C'est la vie or some frak like that.**