Grad School

So today was my first offical day of grad school.

Granted, I have 6 credit hours already from while I was an undergrad that transfer to the graduate program, but still. First day as an offical grad student, with no undergrad classes to worry about. I'm taking 9 hours, which is nice because it means I get done at 1pm on MWF and have no classes at all on T/Th. And I only have to take 6 credit hours of actual classes before I have all the non-writing parts of the degree finished, so yay.

Also, by the looks of things I'll be able to graduate in Spring of 2017, a whole semester earlier than I thought. So long as I can get started on my thesis this summer. I'm going to have to speak to one of my professors about advising me and helping me narrow down my scope, but it's something. I've been told my technical writing is my strongest aspect, so there's that.

I'm still undecided about going for a doctorate after this. I think I'm going to apply to the University of Chicago and maybe another school or two. If I don't get in, I don't get in. I can use my master's to teach comp sci at a high school level. If I do get in, I can do more research and eventually teach at a college level. That's the plan.

It's weird to have a plan.

In other news, I have 10k of the story I'm working on finished. I'm at the threashold moment (yes, I've been reading up on monomyths, blame Star Wars), and of course this is where my muse decides to abandon me. She'll come back, eventually. I may have to write her another love song....

And that's mostly it. Things are going well. It kinda freaks me out how well they're going. Granted, The Guy from the summer before last is back. IDK why. I thought he graduated, but apparently not for another 2 semesters. He's in two of my classes, so that's a bitter pill to swallow, but I'm hoping I can stay out of his way enough that it doesn't become A Thing again. Which should be easy, what with my mental list of all the reasons he's a jerk. But, anyway, I'm hoping that's the only real bad thing that'll happen this semester. Because, really, if I graduate Spring of 2017, then theoretically I could start my PhD that fall, and... yeah. Plans. Weird.

I hate when things go well. It's always coupled with a sense of foreboding. But that's just for me. Things going well for you does nothing but make me happy, because you seriously deserve good things.

I'm sorry you have Fuckboy in two of your classes :(
I think I'm still going to use "The Guy," but "Fuckboy" is a good second, and may be adopted into use if he tries anything.

:D Hopefully it all works out. I get that sense of foreboding as well, but god I hope it all works out. For once.
The Guy works just as well, since we all know who that means.

I hope it works out for you too, bb *hugs*
We shall see. I have a meeting with my potential thesis advisor/chair of my thesis committee today, so we'll see how that goes.