Where no one knows my name

Sorry to leave you guys hanging. I think I'm still having trouble processing it: I graduated.

Part of me was sure I was going to get struck by lightening in the last day, because nothing good ever happens to me, but I graduated. I passed all my classes and am good to go for my masters. Mom took me out to lunch afterwards and I'm sure I looked like I was high or something, I just couldn't process it. It has taken me forever and... Yeah. Shock. Still dealing with it.

Anyway, thanks to mom I was able to deive up to Boston yesterday. Doing a nearly 14 hour drive by myself has to be one of the stupider things I've done, but until I hit Hartford I actually enjoyed myself - I sang along to the radio and almost lost my voice - and there's something liberating about travel. Very much the whole "we are a race of travelers" Carl Sagan thing.

So I'm in Boston now and am ashamed to admit I'm taking it easy because I became so exhausted around noon that it was either nap or pass out. I'm enjoying it - and have that Augustana song stuck in my head, which is okay because I love that song - and am getting a lot of good impressions for my original story. I've just got to say northerners obsession with toll roads is strange, as is their inability to paint lines on pavement.

Anyway, I'll let you guys know more about it when I get back.
Your comment about toll roads made me laugh :P

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, bb - you deserve only good things!
Thanks bb.

But the toll roads thing is true. I mean, we pay taxes for the roads already. Why do we have to pay more to use them? I'm sure there's a good reason, but I can't see it now.

It's been fun though. Exhausting but fun.
Congrats on graduating.

I live in the northeast and I hate toll roads but we have no choice but to pay or stay home. They need the money to fix the roads and bridges but the roads and bridges see very little of the toll money. That's why it's all falling apart.

Enjoy Boston hon. I love that city, I love Massachusetts!

That makes no sense. Where is the money going then? I can understand how tax money is sometimes diverted, but I you're paying a toll for the road that money should go to maintain The road. You have to reinvest in your infrastructure or it will all fall apart.

But what do I know? I'm from the south, where we're lucky to have paved roads at all it seems. Sigh.